Winter mercato January 2015
(02-06-2015, 11:57 AM)Nalx Wrote: And then Galliani will say it has nothing to do with Immobile being cheaper but because we've followed him for many years and wanted to replicate his excellent attacking duo with Cerci during their Torino days.

You get it.A true Milan fan Sagrin
TBH I think it will come down to Destro is he gets 15 or more goals it will be good business.If he has a Torres and gets 1 or no goals then that €16m will be idiotic.
If Destro perform like crap and don't score goals, of course we won't sign him. That's why we only have an option. Anyway, about the Immobile rumours, anyone can start a rumour like that. I'm pretty sure nobody from Milan have said anything to suggest such a thing at this point. That said, Immobile should be an interesting player for any italian team.
If he scores 15 goals Galliani will have to buy him otherwise he will really embarrass himself and damage some relations. Not that this has ever stopped him but this might be a different situation after all the talk about Destro they've done.

If he only scores 3-4 goals then you know that Galliani is going to ask for that DISCOUNT! Probably offer 5-6mil or maybe even an extension of the loan with an option to buy at 12 mil this time.
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