Hero Indian Super League
I made a big deal about this competition last year and did enjoy it. Unfortunately, this year I've been really busy and access to watch this has been difficult, so I've not kept up at all. Anyway, here's the official site, looks like Pune FC lead the table thus far:


Anyone followed it by any chance?
I didn't follow. Confused

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I just might be going to the Delhi game on the 14th. But the quality of the football is such that the idea of the 2-kilometer walk from the parking to the stadium sounds like a chore Big Grin There is not much buzz in the national media about it this season. Perhaps the local crowds are bored of the sport already.
Xu I'm so disappointed in you!! Devilol

Honestly wasn't expecting much if any response. Somedevil, do let us know how it is if you go watch a match.
Somedevil, I have a question for you. I've been noticing the number of "football fanatics" in India seems to be quite high these days, often those who discuss the sport have a very good understanding of the game. You're an example, as well as people I know in my personal life. I also listen to a podcast, World Football Phone In, where I've often heard callers from India asking some really relevant questions and making some great points.

These are isolated examples, but I assume there are others in the country too who follow the sport closely. Even if a relatively small percentage of the population follow the sport with great interest, numerically India should still have a huge number of fans given the population size. Specifically, my question is do you think relatively speaking in comparison to other nations, India has a large football fan base? If so, why is it not more of these people are trying to get involved or develop the sport there? I understand corruption and lack of funding in general will play its part, but it seems like there's so much potential and even knowledge there to help the sport grow.

As we've discussed before, I'm of Indian ethnicity, but being born and raised in the UK, my exposure to the sport has been much more immediate than I expect people in India would have had and I have little to no context on how the sport is seen in India other than what I've learnt as a foreigner.
I've managed to watch a couple of the games. If I'm honest, it's pretty much the same as last year so far, in terms of quality, style and general coverage. A lot of the same players and some of the same coaches returned too.
Not really ISL news, but I didn't think it warranted a separate thread. India has a new Futsal competition now, with some pretty big names involved, like Dinho, Crespo, Scholes. Here's Gazzetta's article on Dinho's debut: