Purchasing tickets to watch AC Milan
Hi everyone,

I hope this is the correct forum, I have a few questions, in relation to getting tickets for AC Milan v Palermo in October, I’m travelling from the UK, can anyone help with the following please:-
1. When does the ticket office open for the San Siro stadium?
2. Can I buy official tickets from anywhere else? If this includes banks, do you know what times and days I can purchase between?
3. Do I need any form of identification before purchasing tickets? Other than my passport?
4. What identification do I need to get into the ground, besides my ticket and passport?
5. Do I need any kind of membership to purchase official tickets? And also use as identification into the ground?
6. Can I take a camera into the ground?
7. Does anyone know when tickets go on open sale?
8. Any other advice would be great.