BIG games across the globe!!!
I thought this can be just an informational thread, but of course people can discuss games from across the world in here. We have threads for the different big leagues and obviously Serie A, but if someone is aware of another big game around the world then please post it in here (before the game is played) so that maybe some of us can stream it and watch it. With the internet now, I find that soo many games from around the world are available for us to watch, and many times I don't know that these games are going on unless I look it up myself. So if you are aware of some big games coming up, please post it in here. It can be from your own country, or maybe from surrounding areas that you know of....or maybe from the complete opposite side of the world but you just know how big this game is in that part of the world and so on.

So for example......
A few big games that I'm aware of during the month of October (I have them in my calendar for a reminder to possibly watch them) are:

October 18th, 15:00 CET - Partizan : Red Star Belgrade. This is a huge derby in Serbia and you are bound to get to see some real intensity on the field and in the stands.

October 18th, 18:00 CET - Galatasaray : Fenerbahce. I don't need to explain how big this game is.

October 26th, 18:30 CET - Olympiacos : Panathinaikos. Another big game from Eastern Europe.

So if anyone knows of a big game coming up, please post it here so that maybe some of us can stream it and watch it.
Nice idea nefremo! You chose the one I'd suggest being the Turkish giants playing, it's a massive game and has arguably the most intense environment in football. We do need to be quite careful as to how we define big games though, as it's very subjective. For example, for me personally the start of the Indian Super League this Sunday is huge and intriguing in terms of what it is, but I doubt many others would consider them big games.

Sorry to go off topic, but it's worth mentioning that Fenerbache is huge, I mean we're talking about something much, MUCH bigger than just a football club and would recommend people learn a little about them, as it's totally unique in the football world.
I've been following the ISL thread and find it quite interesting as I knew nothing about Indian Football in general.
I think you are right and it's it's huge what they are trying to do. I would definitely like to catch a couple games just to see the atmosphere, the football culture.
Do you think some of the games this weekend will be available online?

As to defining big games, you are right that it's different from one person to another. I didn't want to create criteria as to what is and what isn't a game worth watching. I guess people can make their own choice in that. Was just thinking that this can be more of an informational thread where people can possibly come to and just post a game that's coming up that they think it'll be interesting, or has some history behind it, or is a title decider, etc, etc.
I would expect streams to be available, though it's a little strange in TV Rights in that Star (an Indian TV broadcaster) has rights to show the matches. Not sure exactly what this means abroad though. In the UK, it's said that one of the Star channels (we don't get Star Sports here) will show the games, not live but later on repeat.

It's a shame this thread wasn't started earlier, as in Brazil it was Cruzeiro vs Internacional who are 1st and 2nd in the league. Cruzeiro ran out 2-1 winners.

On the Brazilian theme, towards the end of the month on 25th October you have the Palmeiras - Corinthians derby.
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That's my post from this thread:

Anyone got any big matches to mention?
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Today is Roma vs Bayern Munchen like I just posted in the CL thread. Barcelona is playing Ajax and they actually need the points after losing against PSG on matchday 2. The rest of the games today don't particularly interest me.

OH and of course there's El Clasico on Saturday and Manchester United vs Chelsea on Sunday Big Grin Both at 18:00 CET

Ooops I didn't realize that this thread was only for matches outside the major leagues. That's outside of my jurisdiction Big Grin
Siamo a posto cosi.
The biggest game this weekend is Milan vs. Fiorentina. In fact, it is the only important game for me. Big Grin

Sorry I can't make any meaningful contribution to this thread. :d
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