Closed: Win a $75 Milan Store Gift Card
A hint

The contest is on now, please go to for details, thank you.
Mmmmmmmmmmm that looks good!
Siamo a posto cosi.
I could just not attach any (being member and post number) conditions and just let everybody enter but I hope it also works as a promotion for the site and forum. We shall see I guess.
Looks like I have done all that I could have. :d
So, this is only for new members?
Anybody who has more than 5 posts can enter.
I am going to enhance my chance of winning by creating 100 new accounts, and each with 5 posts. Just so that Reza would not get suspicious, I am going to name them:


I bet that one of THISISNOTXUDONG will win it. Grinundwech
Big Grin

I mean

Well, it is probably not worth it. I bet these 100 imaginary friends will need to split the prize (if their collaboration will lead to winning of course), and each will get a whopping

[Image: 75cents.jpg]