Need some help
Dear all,
I'm planning to go to Milan in mid May, so watching Milan live is an opportunity I won't miss.
However, the online ticket for Milan vs Cagliari is not available online as it was written NO for online ticket.
Can I have your suggestion how best to get a ticket for the match?

Pleasseeeeeeee...... watching Milan live is on the list of "must to do before I die"...
Don't let me miss this opportunity. Smile

Thanks alot.
We are currently looking for subjects for a new documentary series that we are doing on football fans. One of the teams we'll be doing is Italy. Basically we're going to choose one fan of each and feature them in a game/match day documentary where they show us what they like to do for before a match. The lucky fan will get free tickets to a game and featured in this new doc.
so what is the problem basically?
tell me your problem...
It`s not like a big problem, I just want to try live score service and to make some bets in fitire and i need a help of a person who has already experience in this sphere