Christian Abbiati
I guess that's all Milan's goalkeepers are like. Even Jens Lehmann was like that. Don't forget that he played half a season for us too. Smile

We never had any goalkeepers that is Italy NT's #1, like Buffon, Zoff, Tacconi, Zenga, Pagliuca, or Peruzzi. How come they all went to either Juventus or Inter?
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Abbiati has a TERRIBLE season so far, he has made 6/7 BIG mistakes this season. I think it is time to find a new goalkeeper, Amelia is decent but not good enough to be our number 1.
(10-31-2011, 04:19 PM)Beppe Wrote: Abbiati has a TERRIBLE season so far, he has made 6/7 BIG mistakes this season. I think it is time to find a new goalkeeper, Amelia is decent but not good enough to be our number 1.

I read that Viviano has been linked to us? I wonder how much truth is in there.

I still do trust Abbiati though. Grinundwech
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Abbiati is 35 today. Happy birthday!

[Image: birthday-35th.gif]

Perhaps the best save last season.

[Image: AC-Milan-Christian-Abbiati+cropped]
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missed this yesterday, but happy belated birthday
I was thinking that now that Nesta and Silva are gone, we should acknowledge Abbiati's importance in the squad. He's not only the most senior defensive player in the squad, but now he's got to really use his experience to help command the backline, constantly communicating with those in front of him. He's going to have a lot of responsibility next season, let's just hope he's ready for it.
Keep in mind that Abbiati will be our captain for most of the games next season, considering that Ambrosini may not be on the pitch. More responsibilities for him. Okmilan
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There is rumor that Abbiati refuses to extend his contract at a much reduced wage, which is the reason why Amelia has been playing between the posts.

Bye bye Abbiati.
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There might be a possibility that Abbiati will renew for one more year. Two reports below (the first a few weeks old).


MILANELLO – Christian Abbiati spoke to the press ahead of Sunday evening’s derby at the San Siro at 20.45:

"The derby is always a spectacular match and we probably need this win a bit more than them at the moment. We’ve been doing alright recently. We got the draw on Monday and there was some disappointment because at the end we could have even won it but a draw was probably the right result. The closure of the terraces? I can’t imagine a derby without both the terraces full of fans and I hope they’ll both be open. It’s great to see the banners on both ends of the pitch and I’m in complete agreement with Galliani. Atletico Madrid? They’re in my heart. It was only experience as a footballer abroad and I was very happy with the time I spent there. I’m aware that it’ll be a tough couple of matches though. Monday? We were made to suffer against a team that plays very well. The draw has been good for morale ahead of the derby. We would have been sad today if we had lost.”

“Kakà is training well this week. He’s real champions the way he approaches matches and this one will be no different. I don’t see him as being particularly stressed or nervous. On Sunday we’ll have to replicate everything we’ve been doing during the week. Gattuso and Brocchi? Hand on my heart, when I read the news it was really out of the blue. They’re both great guys and I’ve been following everything. I feel very calm, but it’s a real shame for their image. You have to crack down on racist chanting that’s for sure, but I don’t agree with this territorial decimation definition. Southern fans always call me names as well.”

“We’ll have to defend with all 11 players on Sunday. Everyone has to run in the modern game, you can’t leave two or three players up front without having to track back. We’re working on this and I think we’re improving. President Berlusconi? We talked about what kind of shape I’m in and other things, personal stuff not related to football. Gabriel? He’s young and of course he has to improve. He’s good keeper for me with great qualities. The mistakes on Sunday are down to a desire to do well, maybe overdoing things perhaps but he has quality and can be the future of this team. It’s not easy to play for Milan and to wear this jersey. I’m lucky as I have a fairly cold character and it doesn’t get to me if I’m criticized or booed. Actually, it helps build me up. Winning the derby would be good ahead of Christmas and we need the three points more than them. Inter are 9 points ahead of us. I don’t even look at the table anymore. I saw it once and I felt like crying. We haven’t been up to scratch in this first half of the season. On Monday evening, I was unwell and I threw up at half time. Will I stay another season? It’s normal at the age of 37 that some injury problems will catch up with you. We train every day and even the younger players have problems. I’m available though and it’s not written that I always have be the first choice. I’m available like I said. Obviously if the club says enough is enough, then that’s it. I’d say that if I don’t a sign a new contract here, it’s 90% sure that I’ll quit playing. Perin? He’s good keeper and I like what he’s doing this year. There’s a lot of pressure at the San Siro and you’re under the spotlight every day. It’s not easy.”

“We hope to repeat the comeback that we had last season but we have to move one game at a time. The fans after Milan-Genoa? The team is reacting but we need a win in the league. The best derby ever? The semi-final win in the Champions League of course!” Balotelli? It’s impossible to see him agitated! I see him as I always see him. He jokes, laughs and trains. I don’t know if that will change ahead of this weekend, but I don’t think so.”

Quote:The agent of Christian Abbiati is hopeful that his client will sign a new one-year contract with Milan.

The 36-year-old’s current agreement will expire in June and he recently suggested he could quit the game entirely if the Diavolo show him the door.

“There is a love between Abbiati and Milan which will last forever,” Claudio Vigorelli told TMW in an interview.

“If Milan want to renew his contract for a further season then Christian would accept because I don’t think he can see himself at another club.

“There are positive sensations, but, like always, we will have to meet with Vice-President Adriano Galliani.”

The former Italian international was signed by Milan in 1998. He spent time on loan at Juventus, Torino and Atletico Madrid in his career, but returned to San Siro in 2008.

Another great game today. That reflex save on Denis was just uncanny. Injury is his biggest enemy, and inconsistency, to a lesser extent.
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Definitely needs to be credited with keeping us in the game. If Atalanta were allowed to equalize then I think we'd be looking at another loss instead of a seemingly comfortable win.
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