Thank you Reza!
I like it Rez!! Great job! Thanks for keeping milanmania alive!!
im so out of the loop i didnt even realize we were moving to a new place!
looking nice Reza
I'm so into the new site (like I was in the former one) that I forgot to thank Reza for the great work !!
So thanks Reza !!

After some days on the new forum, I actually wouldn't like to go back on the former one !! Big Grin
One should not speak ill of the dead.
So stop laughing at Juventus !
You're welcome everybody. Thank you to all for being here Smile
yeah awesome work Reza, i will miss the old place but this is our home now like San Siro.V2
Quote:Paolo Maldini
"Il Sogno di ogni attaccante e' segnare il piu' bella gol della storia. L'incubo e' incontrare il miglior difensore del mondo."

Quote:Francesco Totti
"Never give up Pippo,You are an example for all of us to never give up."
great job reza, first time I log in and its lookin really cool !
Congrats on new forum !
I hope we see more activity now , but never transform into one other Milan forum Smile
Reza, sent you a PM.
I don't know why when I read the notice on the old site, I thought it said that the NEW site is read-only so I was quite confused as to why no one was posting anymore. Only to realize that the switch had already been Good work Reza! The new look/colours will take some getting used to but I like it.
Siamo a posto cosi.
I already thanks to Reza in a pm, though it's always nice to show appreciation for someone's efforts, so once again thanks for your hard work Reza.

It's also great to see new members with the change as well Smile