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Boban: 'Different visions of Milan'
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Zvonimir Boban and Paolo Maldini admit they have “a different vision” of Milan to Elliott Management, while Ivan Gazidis has an unusual description for football.

The Serie A giants are owned by a US hedge fund, who effectively repossessed the club after Yonghong Li defaulted on repayments for the loan he used to purchase the Rossoneri from Silvio Berlusconi.

The Financial Times published its profile of the situation and issues emerge between the sporting and business side of the club.

“No young team, with all young players, won the Champions League. That’s a fact,” said director and Milan legend Maldini.

“Even a Scudetto,” added fellow director and former teammate Boban.

“Our dream is to have results tomorrow. [Elliott] have a different path, they have a different vision . . . I think we can find a way that we’re both happy.”

Milan also brought in former Arsenal CEO Gazidis with the aim of increasing revenue, which currently stands at approximately half that of Juventus in endorsement agreements alone.

Gazidis gave the Financial Times an interesting description for the sport.
“It’s not an intellectually challenging business. It’s emotionally challenging . . . Fundamentally, we’re talking about a group of 23-year-old millionaires kicking a piece of leather into a basket . . . Millions of people around the world invest their self-esteem in their ability to do that well.”

New Milan chief revenue officer Casper Stylsvig was also unimpressed with the situation he found at San Siro.

“It is probably too much to call it Stone Age but [AC Milan’s] commercial team was definitely 10 years behind the Premier League and probably two, three years behind the top clubs in Italy.”

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Ultras: 'Weak Milan failed again'
Football Italia
10 Hours Ago

Milan ultras released a statement calling the club “weak and failing yet again to achieve the target it really wanted” after replacing Marco Giampaolo with Stefano Pioli.

Giampaolo was axed today after just seven games and 111 days in charge, a new club record.

Pioli is already in a hotel in Milan and will be announced as the new tactician tomorrow morning, but fans are already furious at the introduction of the ninth different Coach since Max Allegri was sacked in January 2014.

“Time’s up… you have to prove yourselves!” read a statement from the Curva Sud ultras.

“This was the banner we laid out in the stands on Saturday during the Genoa game, representing a population of Milanisti exhausted by the continual embarrassment of this club.

“Every time we think that we’ve hit rock bottom, the situation precipitates even more. We supported the new project of young players, accepting with heavy heart the fact we wouldn’t see top players arrive, at least for the moment.

“We watched, stunned, the failed Giampaolo era, a choice strongly backed by the current directors only to be thrown out the window after not even three months of work (quite rightly).

“We saw a summer transfer campaign filled with missed targets, replaced at the last minute by other players who had never even been mentioned before for the new Milan project.

“Today, after all this, we find ourselves faced with another change of direction, the latest of recent years. We don’t want to express ourselves on the technical merits of the new Coach, as always that will be judged by the playing field.”

The statement then criticised Milan for their pursuit of Luciano Spalletti, only to go for Pioli when the cost was considered excessive.

“The thing that leaves us disconcerted is that the club, who had chosen a different Coach for our bench, without even telling the old tactician that he had been fired, then moved on to a second choice.

“That highlighted yet again the weakness of this club in failing yet again to achieve the target it really wanted.

“So prove yourselves up to the standard of the history of our Milan, on the pitch, on the bench, but first and foremost in the offices of the HQ at Via Aldo Rossi, because it is from the decisions made at the top that the results of the business model depend, it is from the headquarters that you build a healthy and strong club.

“Rossoneri fans are fed up of being taken for a ride. WE do not deserve that and we will never again accept this undignified spectacle!”

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Mirabelli admits: "Yes, I tried to bring Ancelotti back to the Milan bench"


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Mirabelli lasted in the job around 7 months. He was fired more than a year before. Why the fuck is he still front-page worthy? are the media THAT bored??

I mean, making an interview with Galliani is more relevant.
In the international break Media do need some shit to report about...
Galliani family row over Milan chiefs
Football Italia
15 Minutes Ago

Former CEO Adriano Galliani had distanced himself from his son Gianluca’s bitter criticism of Milan directors. “I didn’t inspire those words.”

The club fired Coach Marco Giampaolo this week after just seven games to bring in Stefano Pioli.

“Directors with a salary package that is unique in world football who always dump responsibility on to Coaches and players without taking any themselves,” wrote Gianluca Galliani, a regular in the stands at San Siro for decades alongside his father.

Adriano Galliani spoke to news agency Ansa about the post on social media.

“My son is an adult and makes his own decisions. I certainly didn’t inspire those words and they do not reflect my thoughts.”

Milan directors Paolo Maldini, Zvonimir Boban, Ivan Gazidis and President Paolo Scaroni have come under increasing attack from fans and media.

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Galliani's grandson was in Milan youth rank. Not sure where he is now. (sorry this is not related to this thread)
(10-10-2019, 05:09 PM)ACM2019 Wrote: Galliani's grandson was in Milan youth rank. Not sure where he is now. (sorry this is not related to this thread)

and Borini's son is coming in the world next year......................................................................................................................................................................................................................Be readyBig Grin
"Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it"
Stop waiting for someone to save Milan
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2 Hours Ago

Marco Giampaolo was dismissed from his post at the Rossoneri after just 111 days. For those unfamiliar, that cricket score is called a Nelson after Admiral Nelson, who as the legend had it, had ‘one eye, one arm and one leg’ at the end of his existence. This was however, later debunked as false, as the Englishman never lost a leg. The same can't be said for the Swiss-born Giampaolo, as after three wins and four losses in seven games, he was relieved of his duties on Tuesday afternoon.

No sooner had multiple media outlets run with Stefano Pioli being on the verge of taking over the seven times European champions, than the hashtag #PioliOut had begun trending on the peninsula and elsewhere around the world. The former Lazio, Bologna and Inter Coach had seen his recent jobs terminated early due to poor results. What exactly has Il Diavolo's management seen in Pioli?

He has never won a senior team trophy in a 16-year managerial career since retiring as a player after stints with the likes of hometown club Parma, Juventus and Fiorentina among others. His best coaching experience was arguably at Lazio, when he guided them to a third-place finish in 2015 and a Champions League play-off place. It was an opportunity they eventually failed to capitalise on after losing to Bayer Leverkusen 3-1, despite winning the first leg in Rome.

As seems to happen all too often with Milan, the Ultras released a statement, and as expected, it was damning of the management. There were several issues highlighted of course, but what was telling was the use of the word ‘weakness.’ “The thing that leaves us disconcerted is that the club, who had chosen a different Coach for our bench, without even telling the old tactician that he had been fired, then moved on to a second choice. That highlighted the WEAKNESS of this club in failing yet again to achieve the target it really wanted.”

Another trending topic has been the #SaveACMilan hashtag, which was first used to beg an investor to purchase the club from Silvio Berlusconi. They needed Elliott Management to save them from Yonghong Li and, as Ivan Gazidis noted in his Press conference, bankruptcy. Now fans want saving from the saviours of their previous saviour.

That situation is playing out on the bench and also on the pitch, where the clamour for new signings quickly wanes after a few poor performances and more purchases are called for, yet more changes, as if there is The One who can magically transform Milan back to the Champions League winning side of a over decade ago.

No amount of past glories returning to San Siro as Coaches or directors will turn back the clock. Milanisti need to accept this is no longer that club and it doesn’t need saving, it just has to change and grow at a realistic pace.

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Ancelotti: "Restarting Milan is not a simple matter"

" It is not easy to restart a company as big as Milan ." This is how Carlo Ancelotti spoke about the time of the Rossoneri after Marco Giampaolo's exemption and Stefano's arrival on the bench. As reported today by the Corriere della Sera , the Napoli coach gives the Rossoneri management confidence to get out of the negative spiral: " I believe that the current management has the capacity to do so"

And again: " Of course, there are psychological, physical, technical and investment problems" . In short, not easy stuff after the results of the first days of the championship.

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