Week 20: Lazio - Milan (Saturday, January 24th 20:45 CET)
(01-24-2015, 11:12 PM)nefremo Wrote: By the way, is this the same Montolivo that is complaining when he gets benched? Unbelievable!!! He's been so bad the last couple games....yet he started again. Pippo even reassured everyone that Monto will play today in his pre-match press conference. Is he fukin stupid???? Does he not see that Montolivo is in terrible form??? It's there for all to see. Put the nails in your own coffin Pippo, if you are that much of an idiot.

This is Montolivo's third bad season in a row, and I am sick of him. He was supposed to be Pirlo's replacement, but he is a fucking liability to the team. He is slow, weak and takes too long on the ball. The only problem is that he is the only creative player we have in midfield.

You know what? It's not just Montolivo. This whole squad is fucked. It's poorly put together and consists mainly of mediocre players who don't deserve to wear the shirt of a club like Milan. There's only a few of them who are at the level I expect from a Milan player, namely Lopez, Alex, Bonaventura, de Jong, Honda, Abate and Menez. Of this group, the only players I consider good enough to be regular starters are Lopez, Abate, Bonaventura and de Jong. Basically we have 1/3 of a good team.

There was a scientific study I read about a while ago that said that in football, a team is usually no better than its weakest link, and I think Milan is proving that to be true right now. The only problem is that I can't even identify this team's weakest link, because there's so many of them. For example, we could replace Mexes with a solid CB, but what good does that do if we have Armero constantly fucking up on the left? We could replace Montolivo with a better creative midfielder, but how does that help us when the rest of the midfield is not up to par?

We are so unbelievably fucked that I can't even believe it. Talk about a complete and utter collapse. AC Milan today is a pale ghost of a the club we once were. Berlusconi brought us to the highest highs, but now this senile old cunt is destroying everything that's been created over the last 30 years. I don't even know what to say anymore. Did you know that this is our first winless January since fucking 1941?

I give up, I really do. I will keep watching games out of respect for the shirt, but I feel completely indifferent about our current squad, and a great deal of sadness about what the once mighty AC Milan has become. But the worst part is actually that there's nothing giving me hope for the future. There's no sign of ambition, no ideas about how to bring the club back where it belongs, just talk about a new stadium that probably won't open for another 6-7 years, as if that will solve all our problems.

I have had it.
I would pay out Montolivos contract just to get rid of him immediately. I've never seen such a horrendous performance in my entire life, that wasn't even Seria C worthy.

If I was Berlusconi, I would go on a rampage right now to show this club isn't some joke that he's making it out to be, players have become too comfortable and far from Milan standards. I'd put my hands in my pockets and terminate Montolivo,Mexes,Armeros contracts right now and personally go to the training grounds and lecture the rest of our team on what it means to play for Milan. And Van Ginkel, lol? This kid whines every week because he isn't played, talks all big that he's from Chelsea and he's going back etc., as if it's even important that we keep him.. He's one of our lesser midfielders anyhow, and that's sad given the quality of our midfield to begin with.

It looks like all of Berlusconis visits to Milanello didn't do much, if anything at all..
I've been saying Pippo will be Berlu's yes man from the day he was appointed, but I'm not blaming him for the losses. I don't think even Carlo could do much better with this bunch of lazy ass losers.
Tbh it's worrying that Monto is probably our best midfielder and he's playing this badly. If we don't go with Monto then well our options are very limited.

I do feel very sorry for Pippo. This is his first proper management job and to get this team to third place with this squad is something most of the top coaches in the world would struggle with. He has made mistakes yes, but he would be bound to do that. The thing is unlike other Milan squads, he doesn't have much quality at his disposal. This is by far the worst Milan I've seen in my life. He could still become a good coach, like Seedorf, but having this as his first job is a step too far. IMO a new coach is needed who has experience at the top level, but really with our financial situation it will be difficult to attract a top coach. A poor squad with low morale and no financial backing is not an attractive proposition.

Now I started watching Italian football since the 2012-13 season and Milan is the team I supported really because of their past and the admiration I have for some of our former players. We have gone through 3 managers at through this time. What I can't understand is how poorly organised this defence is. Now a new defender would definitely help this team, but a back four of Abate-Rami-Alex-DES on paper shoudl defo be one of the better defences in the league. Some of our defenders have had their best years behind them yes, but usually that generally affects their physical and technical aspects of their game. Furthermore we have international standard defenders in our side. I simply can't comprehend at how poorly organised these guys are. They're not bad players, but I look at some of their positioning sense as a 4 and its just a recipe for disaster. Okay if you're young, like DES, you expect these things to improve with age. But when you have players like Mexes, Alex, Rami who have been playing at such a high standard all their careers, surely something in their minds must think "hey look, their is a massive gap here, maybe I should tell my other CB to stand their so that if the forward runs into that space then he can track his run". And don't get me started on defending corners...

I ask myself why? Like I said they're not bad players. Is it something wrong with their training? You would've thought that if you have a ex-defender who played in one of the best defences of all time as your Assistant Manager, then surely he sees this mistake in the game, and then works with his defenders the next day in training saying "okay, next time in this situation don't do this, stand over here etc." Is it because we keep changing our back 4, which is not ideal? Yes that's an issue, but surely if you have Mexes, who has played God knows how many games in Serie A, then some voice in his head must say, "hang on, my starting position is all wrong, let me stand here". Individual mistakes happen, but ever since I've watched Milan I can see teams attacking us and you can tell that it is easy to hurt this defence.

There is a problem mentally with these Milan players. When there is chaos in the board above in generally affects the players. But we have a group of players who's mentalities are weak. But I will say this, if we somehow get 3rd this or next season with generally the same squads, some of our younger players like SES and DES will go on heaps and bounds in their careers. They'll push on in their careers and will truly become great players. This is potentially the most difficult part of their career. If they get through this at this age, then the sky's the limit for them. That's why we must keep them with all costs
Nice post zubair16, thanks

One thing that has been mentioned but perhaps should be even more emphasized is the disconnect between the atmosphere at milanello and public face vs actual reality. When Berlusconi more or less lies to the players where they train everyday, eat food every day is more damaging than him exaggerating in front of a TV camera for us fans.

But, for example, when we talk about the back 4 being below potential it is probably a large percentage coaching too.
A contract extension could mean the player has something over Uncle Fester. Maybe Bonera has information about Galliani's dealings and about how he and Berlusconi steals money from the club, and he is blackmailing Galliani into contract extensions. It's the only logical answer and this could be the very definition of friendship inside the Milan Family. Smile
devoted_dm, Montolivo had a very good first year at Milan. This is his second bad season with the club, although I will say he's missed most of it. Not to try and defend his recent performances, they're inexcusable. However, I totally agree with your sentiments, it's just heartbreaking to see this collapse.

I think it was during the course of last season (maybe the season before) where I went through the squad and picked out how many players I'd actually want at Milan, with only a handful that I said were worth keeping. Much of the reaction was that of me being negative, which is fair, but I tried to justify my reasoning at the time. More recently, after Cristante's sale I wrote extensively about how I felt pretty much done with the club (easier said than done, though I never refer to Milan as "we" or "our" these days). At the time of when I wrote the posts, it might have been fair to reason that I was writing them out of emotion and anger to certain decisions. Problem is, the match last night is a result of the issues I took when writing those posts months or years ago. My reaction to last night wasn't particularly of anger or disappointment (with the exception of reiterating that the Milan I support is no longer there), just confirmation that my fears were true. Actually, I spent quite a bit of time laughing at the reaction to the match, mostly Mexes going insane, maybe simply because I can't take this club seriously anymore.

zubair that's a great post. Fact is, there's little logic in Milan these days. I don't think it matters how long you've watched football, there's just no making sense of Milan these days. I've watched football for a little under 30 years and spent almost all of that time supporting Milan and I don't have the foggiest of ideas what's going on these days.