Week 20: Lazio - Milan (Saturday, January 24th 20:45 CET)
Oh and I love Bonaventura. He works so hard and unlike Poli is effective in helping the team.
Mauri tried to capitalize on a tug of shirt by Mexes, but his dive was way too dramatic. I doubt the referee saw any of those (LOL), and just waved on the play, and left both sides angry. :d
I gotta say I am liking this Milan. Definitely missing someone on our side to dictate tempo, but we aren't backing down against a very hostile Lazio home crowd. We continue to fight but just aren't creating a lot of chances.
Minus the goal nothing really and the mid 3 has not been any more assured or better than other variations. I don't see much of a difference any way. Also Mexes is being Mexes.
OMG, we have been so fucking lucky in this half. Lazio could have been ahead by three goals if they were able to convert their chances.
Halftime. 0-1. We are lucky. Smile

Lopez: 9 Thanks goodness we have him.
Armero: 5 Useless, reckless, and timid.
Alex: 6 Decent but nothing spectacular
Mexes: 5.5 Same above. I am always worried about him getting a yellow or red card though.
Abate: 6 Decent.
Montolivo: 4.5 Useless, invsible. Would get a 5 but he is the captain.
Poli: 5 Ineffective
Van Ginkel: 5. I can see some glimpse of creativity, but way too rusty and the end result is also ineffective
Menez: 7 A moment of brilliance showing his worth.
El Shaarawy: 5 Ineffective, frustrating
Bonaventura: 8 Our best player after Lopez IMO.
I'm with honsano. The team looks badly organised and aren't really doing anything on the ball, but have my respect as they're fighting out there. It feels like a big match with a lot riding on it.

Part of the organisational issue seems to be the team are forcing the issue of trying to press high.
Galliani's big grinning face is on the screen. Rolleyes
dafuq. 1-1
Defending crosses clinic this was not