Week 21: Milan - Parma (Sunday, February 1 - 20:45 CET)
Handball Parma! You could see that coming. PK for Milan. A bit soft but it was like the 4th of this match from Parma
1-0 Menez. Thanks to the assistant referee who reminded the referee. :d
(02-01-2015, 08:43 PM)honsano Wrote: You guys think this game may start a turn around for our season? I sure hope it does. In some respects, Pippo is aggressive with the line up.

Before every match, I used to think that way. Now even with 1-0 and facing Parma, I don't know if I can be sure of that. Dodgy
what the heck? That could have been Zaccardo's only goal (or even, only shot at the goal) with Milan. Icon_lol2
That was a close call for the Zaccardo goal
we suck face. noce, NOCE scores against us.
Nocerino scored at San Siro. When did that happen last time? O
26 minutes in and Destro with his first touch of the ball.
Lucarelli and Gobbi on yellows. For milan just Van Ginkel. Cerci with a good run.
Alex against the post!
Alex hit the freekick against the post.
Destro almost pulls a rabbit out of the hat when the Parma GK comes to the edge of the box to collect!