2015-2016 jersey
Maybe? What do you think?

[Image: B9fk9UiIIAADefL.jpg]

pics from all 3 jerseys + shorts. IMO they all look brilliant!!! great stuff. too bad there are no good players to wear them
That's not official is it?
Last week there was a report with completely different kits. It was accompanied by a little write up that said the home jersey will return to the "regular" Milan logo.
I thought we weren't going to go back to a black third kit as it was unlucky?

Home kit looks classic, better than the current one
I like 1st and 3rd, the "Fly emirates" commercial on the white one stands out too much for me.
Is it just me? I thought that our jerseys are getting worse by year. Sad The third one with the strange dark green/yellow is just yucky. vomit
It cant be worse than the gold one, that was rock bottom for me Smile
I think they're ok, I actually like the more simple and traditional design.
Love the home kit, but would be much nicer with Milan logo !
aka edysim
They seriously need to get rid of the city crest on the jerseys.

Being Irish, its not a good look to walk around with what looks like St. Georges cross on you.