2015-2016 jersey
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WOW!!! They look fantastic!! too bad there is not one single player i would like to have a shirt of these days;
I suppose it's okay..nothing spectacular but not atrocious either.

Agreed there is not a single player whose name I would want to put on the back of our current jersey. If we signed Verratti though...Grinundwech
Siamo a posto cosi.
(05-09-2015, 07:18 PM)Beppe Wrote: WOW!!! They look fantastic!! too bad there is not one single player i would like to have a shirt of these days;

Really? Am I the only one that thinks they all look ugly?

Maybe I am crazy... Sagrin
Bigger image. I like it personally

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I like it. I really hate collars on jerseys so I'm glad it doesn't have one. I wish we go back to our normal logo though instead of the cross with our logo on it in a small size and barely visible.
I like how it looks in the bigger image. Somehow the color on the other images are grey-ish and look depressing.
I quite liked the new kit personally. I like the grey, which feels much less flashy. I liked all the kits (barring the keeper one I guess) personally. You can see them all here:

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The historic sponsor of AC Milan, Adidas, gave a preview of what should be the characteristic color of the Rossoneri football shirts in the 2015-2016 season. Well, the first link is with the classic vertical stripes of red and black as well as the tradition of the club, but the 'granite', a shade of gray, but only insiders know also appear if they appear only in the finished or if filled the three stripes of Adidas brand known.
The shorts are white, while black socks, both inserts 'granite'.
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AC Milan football jersey 2015 2016
The new AC Milan shirt 2015 2016 away kit is white with a red horizontal stripe design on the front, the use of modern AC Milan club crest on the left chest.
Adidas logo and three stripes are gray, while the color red is used to accent the sleeve cuffs and hem.
[Image: Segunda_equipacion_AC_milan_2015-2016.image.360x360.jpg]
The front of the new T 2015-2016 AC Milan away kit features a red band with black in a tribute to famous club stripes Rossoneri says the Fly Emirates logo.
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