Copa America 2015 in Chile
Quote:What Arturo Vidal told police after being Arrested over drink-driving Allegations
By Expressng on June 17, 2015

The 28-year-old had his licence revoked after the Juventus star was found guilty in court on Wednesday of the charges.

Footage of the arrest has emerged in which Vidal reportedly shouts and swears at the officer as he is put in handcuffs. ‘You f***** up, sir,’ he is heard saying to the policeman.

‘Handcuff me, but you will be sh****** on the whole of Chile,’ Vidal added. ‘Don’t make things any harder,’ the officer responds. ‘How did I f*** it up? Stop talking nonsense.’

Vidal, the leading scorer at the Copa America, avoided a jail sentence but must report monthly to the Chilean consulate in Milan under the terms of his release while investigations go on for 120 days.

How arrogant can he be?? Chile NT doesn't have the gut to kick him out. What a shame.

Vidal apologized, but I am sure that he wasn't sincerely sorry, and I bet that he will do it again in the future. O
Thank you Peru and Colombia for this amazing 0-0 draw. Struggling 0-0 are really one of favorite scorelines of football, specially in the NT competitions. Anyway, I hope now Venezuela can beat the living life out of Brazil. I hope they not just win against Brazil, but infect I really do hope to see another 7-1 Okmilan

This Copa Tropy is made for Argentina Devilcool
Argentina will win the World Cup 2018

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With Neymar suspended our old legend is starting for Brazil

Robinho Grinundwech
These last two posts just gave me more reasons to support Brazil. Icon_lol2

Dunga.... Facepalm Now I was reminded why I really don't care for this Brazilian NT. Four CBs on the field at the final period against almighty Venezuela, holding on to dear life. Icon_lol2
Is it just me or have all of the favourites in this tournament failing to live up to expectations.
I'd have to agree with you there, Dev. Sabella's Argentina was a lot more exciting than this one and scored plenty more goals. We knew Brazil weren't good and haven't been particularly exciting for years so that's nothing new. Take out Neymar and there's really no point in watching them play. I expected a bit more out of Colombia while perhaps only Chile has played the way that I expected.
Siamo a posto cosi.
Chile have been fine. I think I would have expected them to beat Mexico, but the rest have either been underwhelming, or in the case of Colombia, downright disappointing.

Cavani's second yellow

That seems like WC 2002 all over again. Angry