Copa America 2015 in Chile
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Argentina will win the World Cup 2018

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argentina will win the copa america runner up 2015
(07-05-2015, 12:12 AM)Mystik Wrote: Higuain Facepalm what a joke lmao.

Messi did all he could but he was either fouled as soon as he touched the ball or he passed it to a teammate who screwed up.

Chile definitely better on the day and deserved it for playing a great tournament.

Again Higuain Facepalm

True. Higuain simply can't be relied on, even though I don't really blame him for his miss seconds before the regular time ended. Lavezzi's pass was too deep, or maybe it was a shot that went wide.

What surprised me today was how bad Benega was. I remember he had some really good games before today, but in the final game he was just atrocious after coming in. I don't know what was going through his mind, maybe the pressure was too much for him. I am not just talking about his penalty kick, for which he looked scared and I already knew that he would miss even before he kicked it by looking at his face.

I really dislike this Chile side. So many disgusting players, and so many punchable faces. They had an absolutely amazing final but in the games before today, they had got so many favorable calls that it is shameful. I also don't really appreciate how their NT handled Vidal case, and how the country (or at least, their media) didn't seem to take any shame in Jara incident. I know I would sound very unfair to them, but all these (and the infamous Roberto Rojas case) are really disgusting.
Watched the match and supported Chile just to spite mzk Devilol

Actually, I did support Chile, but mostly as I was interested in seeing the nation celebrate and them to finally win something. The final was a good game, almost end to end stuff all the way with the teams struggling to break each other down and not making the most of the chances. Chile deserved it imo on the balance of play, though Argentina made it a great game.

Xu, I think you're a little harsh on Chile. I think a lot of it comes down to how football is played in South America compared to elsewhere, particularly the cultural aspect. There are a LOT of things done as the norm there which other places will look down on, but it's just part of the game. If you think of it another way, not many have particularly complained after matches etc.

On Vidal, I don't really see too much out of the ordinary, he acted an arse, but I don't think anyone with their focus on the sport looking to kick him out. Had Sampaoli kicked him out and he not won, he'd be vilified forever. Chile has seen some mixed responses, which this article articulates:

Well, you SHOULD tap that god-damned ball in seconds before the final whistle. The pass was not the best in history but again, you are 20 cm away from the goal line. Tap that ball in ffs.
And you SHOULD at least try to keep your nerves and not send the ball into orbit with that ridiculous excuse of a penalty kick.
And by the way you SHOULD be able to, at least shoot on target in a World Cup Final vs Germany with all the time on your side and no defender to get in your way. I mean. Jesus, Higuain....
TALKING ABOUT COMPOSURE AND CONFIDENCE! All I'm sorry for is Javier Mascerano. I feel SO SORRY about him.
I was waiting for last night since JULY 1990! He's ruining everything. I can't even type correctly thinking about him right now. Sorry for the rant.