Week 30: A.C. Milan - Sampdoria (Sunday, April 12 - 20:45 CET)
Defensively I think we are playing pretty well. We are shutting down spaces for Samp who have been overall frustrated and giving away possession.

Offensively, Menez is off and Cerci continues to be in poor form. I'm wondering if Bonaventura will get a chance as a winger or if Suso would get a chance to play at all? Offensively, we just need to take some chances and have better play between our forward players.

It is hard to judge Destro based on the two beside him, but he is coming back for the ball and making runs forward. It is just the others failing to provide him ANY service.
I think we have been playing well. It hasn't been easy to create chances, as Samp are defending well, but we have definitely been in control of the match. It's also good to see that we're well organized and don't lose confidence when somebody makes a mistake.
0-1 wide open Soriano
How embarrassing that Soriano was absolutely left alone.
I'm so bored, I'm tempted to switch over to Masterchef India final.

Soriano scored, have nothing to say about the defending there
Suso up for Cerci. Let's hope for the best.
Wtf did Pippo say or not say at half time? We looked so solid in the first half, but now it's the same old crap football again.
Samp toying with the side and Eto'o has had a great game
And can he please take Destro off?
The Rocchi curse strikes again. We haven't won a match that Rocchi has refereed in five years.