Week 31: Inter Milan - A.C. Milan (Sunday, April 19 - 20:45 CET)
It's been a long time since I've been on. I hope everyone is well.

I have not had a lot of chances to watch full games this year ( and don't feel like making the effort with this squad) We really need something to happen in the Seria A because this is becoming a joke. I will watch the game today I will never stop being a Milanisti but all I ask is let us have something beautiful to watch on the pitch.

XU I hope you missed me as much as I missed you my MM buddy. And I hope to win this game 1-2 .

See you guys at game time
I Heart ACM !!
Sell Donnamanure!!
I think that it is wrong that the management is putting pressure on the players now. We have no chance for Europa League qualification, and this is ultimately a match for 7-11 places. Berlusconi said that it is the most important match of the year, which is pointless. The most important matches were those easy games in January that Milan lost. Now it is all over, and players should give their best for the fans.
Diego Lopez; Abate, Alex, Mexes, Antonelli; Poli, De Jong, Van Ginkel; Suso, Menez, Bonaventura.

Suso starts, Pippo is learning Big Grin

Works for now
Why on earth is Alex playing though? Palletta has been great recently.
All Inter so far. We've been really bad.
Struggling to tell if the players are nervous, clueless or just don't care, but so far this is pathetic
Yea we're giving Inter all the possession and not even doing a good job on closing the open players down. I don't know what our game plan is at the moment..

Also our defensive line is ridiculously deep at the moment. Menez is our furthest player forward and is set up about halfway into our half at times. Bonaventura is almost on top of our box. We should push the lines up a bit. I wonder if we're so deep to protect Alex because of his lack of pace.
Siamo a posto cosi.
Plan is to bring down the value of the team so the buyers will give a formal offer this month.


I would say Suso should look for the pass or cross a bit more, but then who is there to pass to?