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Winter mercato 2010/2011

It is time to start the "winter mercato" thread, no? Summer's almost gone And the summer mercato is done. It was one of the best, specially attacking wise of course.

Let us move on to this thread and start talking about winter deals!

Latest news say:

Ronaldinho is not sure about renewing and Milan is very active on the market still . Real dream is GANSO for winter mercato, changing Ronaldinho who would be sold.

Also, Seedorf may leave Milan and Poli is the player Milan is following...

Kaka' may go to Merdazionale... which is simply horrible news in my oppinion as I still adore Kaka' as a player. LEts hope Morratti will not be able to do it. Somehow I think he is just so pathetic he'll go for this transfer.

Personally, with Ganso, Milan could change to 4-3-1-2 finnally and start playing serious compact football once again. We'll see...

For now we can talk about Dzeko scoring again and how people dont like Zlatan etc.
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