Lazio 3-1 Milan Disorganized Chaos

The game started well enough with Jeremy Menez taking advantage of a mistake and Dusan Basta lapse of concentration. The Frenchmen did well to surprise and beat Marchetti in the Lazio goal. Not long after the goal Milan started looking the now familiar one. Montolivo had started in the middle of the midfield in a sort of modified de Jong role. The team as a whole but mainly the middle three and back four looked unable to play as an unit. The glimpses of fighting spirit promised in the build up to this game kept the score at 0-1 until half time. Unfortunately early in the second it all collapsed. First a cross was not marked well and Marco Parolo was able to divert the ball in past Diego Lopez, soon after a Montolivo back pass was not collected by Mexes and this allowed Klose to run in and beat Lopez again. Inzaghi didn’t project a very confident figure on the touch line. Towards the end of the game the disaster was complete. Parolo scored again after a mistake filled scramble in the box. Later Mexes reacted very poorly to being fouled by Stefano Mauri, pushed him to the ground and was expelled. Mauri was not completely blameless but with the additional pushes and anger Mexes surely earned himself a few games off. Not that Milan fans would miss him much. As for the coach himself, the calls for him to be sacked had no choice but to get louder. 


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