Kevin Prince Boateng Close To Return

In the 2010 summer transfer window Kevin Prince Boateng joined Milan in one of the more complicated ways. Milan having been in the long running and supposed lack of money and austerity age could not directly afford KPB. He was transferred from England’s Portsmouth, soon to be bankrupt, to Genoa and then “loaned” to Milan. The loan soon became a co-ownership deal and the year after a permanent one. He of course went on to be part of the surprising 2011-2012 team that featured Ibrahimovic among many others.

Boateng Pro Patria

Kevin Prince Boateng Reacting To Racism (January 2013)

January 2013 was the beginning of the end of his Milan stay, after walking out of the Pro Patria friendly due to racist chants it seemed inevitable that he would leave Serie A and Italy behind. Milan found a buyer in Schalke 04 and in the dying days of the 2013 summer window got €10 million for his services.

Fast forward to spring 2015, after two season at the Bundesliga team he was suspended, along with two other team mates, for poor behaviour. Later in the fall he joined Milan to train with the team “until the end  of 2015.”

Suspicions that he may mutually break his Schalke contract and join Milan in January 2016 were inevitable and today it seems very likely that he will re-join Milan, at least on a short term deal. He hopes to contribute as a trequartista. It remains debatable if that is possible and if he is good enough to help a team that seems to be taking shape – albeit very slowly – this fall.

He is still only 28 and age should not be a concern but do you think he can set up and contribute goals or provide anything from midfield that features Kucka, Montolivo, Bertolacci, Bonaventura and Poli along de Jong, Mauri  and Nocerino at least for now. Vote below.

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