Dec 132015

Milan Verona

After the disappointing draw vs Carpi it was fully expected to get a positive result against the team that had zero wins so far. Late in the week brought news that Mihajlovic was tinkering with the lineup and reintroducing Nigel de Jong and moving Niang back to include both Bacca and Adriano in a 4-4-2 – that would change to 4-2-4.

The game was marred by the referee when Nigel de Jong was given a red in addition to a penalty when Leandro Greco was brought down. However Milan hadn’t played all that well and Bacca had provided the lead a bit earlier without any of the players being exceptional.

Being down to ten men added some urgency however once again not enough was done and two points were eventually dropped at home when it was inexcusable to do so.

Players like Montolivo and de Jong are proving that they do not belong and if the former is given a long extension – as some reports indicate – in such an environment then Galliani and management will prove themselves unfit once again.

Read more about the game on the forum.


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