Supercoppa vs Juve

Two days before Christmas and in place of the week 18 match at Bologna Milan travel to Doha, Qatar to play Juventus in the Supercoppa. The match can be viewed as a rematch of the Coppa final back in May. That match featured an improved looking Milan stretching Juve into extra time before losing to a Morata goal.

Fast forward seven months and the season has a bit of different look to it. While waiting for the long delayed Chinese takeover, Milan look like a team that can compete and with young players like Locatelli emerging into a young team the future looks brighter than some may have expected. If the promise of Chinese investment does materialize a win here could serve as a springboard into a new era.

In the meanwhile and after a one day delay Milan travel to Doha with almost a full complement of players and look to start a strong 11 and perhaps gain a measure of revenge.

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