Week 31: Milan – Palermo

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Only managing a point versus a last placed is never good of course, to be unable to fully recover from an early Paletta back pass that was missed by Donnarumma is even worse. Milan came away from Pescara with one solitary point and a tie that made European football less likely next season. Sitting in 7th spot at match day 31 leaves little time to reach fifth. In any event Palermo is a team in the depths of the relegation zone, much like Pescara, and three points at home are mandatory.

The team welcomes back Suso from injury and his presence will be vital for the last seven games. He will partner Deulofeu and Bacca up front. The midfield set up is fluid under Montlla and Sosa, Pasalic and Kucka seem the likelier trio this week, however Locatelli and Mati Fernandez remain in contention for starts. The back four looks to feature Zapata instead of Paletta, along side Romagnoli. With Abate out for the season De Sciglio, Vangioni and Calabria will share the load until the end of May.

Donnarumma’s mistake in mishandling the Paletta back pass was arguably the first big mistake of his very young career. Look for him to set aside any doubts and save Milan again.

This match day is another installment of the ‘this is the last match of the Berlusconi era’ soap opera. The signs are good that it will be the case this time, but we have said that before. The derby is up next and it may be the kick start of a new Milan.

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  1. rosoneri says:

    Milan will come out with a super performance in their match against Palermo later this afternoon.score will be like Milan 3 v1 Palermo

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