Milan Sign Bonucci!

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The new era is on a record pace and not only in amount spent but in surprise and quick announcements. The prospect of signing Leonardo Bonucci seemed close to impossible only days ago but it has now become official, subject to a medical however.

Leonardo Bonucci, 30, joins from Juventus on a 5 years contract with a salary thought to be somewhere between €6.5 and €7.5 million net. The transfer fee is thought to be €40 million.

The idea that Juventus would be selling one of their best is very surprising but Juventus stick to the policy of letting go of players who want out. Bonucci formed the feared and highly rated three man defensive wall at Juventus (and the Azzurri) – along with Andrea Barzagli and Giorgio Chiellini. The transfer has moved at record pace and Milan are heading to the Chinese mini tour. Bonucci will soon be the 8th signing of the summer with transfer fees spent rapidly approaching €200 million!

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  1. umroh murah says:

    still of the century.. bravo fasobeli.. We are AC Milan Fans form Umroh Murah