Week 3: Lazio – Milan

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Two wins and six points and the Europa League group stage. The very early weeks of the new era have gone well. Bigger tests await and Lazio is the first of those.

The 4-3-3 formation favoured for much of Montella’s time will remain for now and while questionable will feature players that many want to see on the bench. Montolivo will hold a spot in midfield for example. Biglia and Kessie form a solid midfield partnership and may be good for the former captain.

Up front Borini is another player who doesn’t inspire much confidence but playing as the left player in the front three allows him to contribute down the flank and provide balls for Cutrone. The latter’s form will continue to keep Andre Silva out of the starting eleven for the time being. Suso, whose rich contract extension is set to finally happen, will start on the right.

Musacchio will continue to keep Romagnoli out of the eleven. Conti injured during national team play will be replaced by either Abate or Calabria. Rodriguez and Bonucci will be the other, of course regular, members of the back four.

Lazio have started the season with four points. Nani was set to get his Lazio debut but is not ready. Felipe Anderson is also missing from the Lazio lineup.