Week 14: Milan – Torino

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The Europa League win, beating Austria Wien 5-1 for the second time this season, provided a lift but a cautious one. Are Austria Wien too weak or Milan too strong. The evidence on the pitch was not all that conclusive. Borini put on a strong, hard working performance, all from a wing back position. Cutrone and Silva each with two goals and Rodriguez with one came out of the game with enhanced standings but the rest weren’t outstanding. Bonucci’s almost comical attempt to prevent Wien’s goal put yet more spotlight on his recent struggles just to name one player. Biglia didn’t have a good game, neither did Calhanoglu.

All that may matter little because this week 14 game vs Torino will feature a changed line up, yet again. Montella seems intent on leaving Silva and Cutrone on the bench again. The coach indicated that this is ‘necessary’ win game but his rotation, if one can call it that, doesn’t bode well with Kalinic having provided little when starting. Montolivo may get a start  – in Biglia’s place – Suso and Bonaventura too. Kessie keeps his place despite being less than good midweek. The back three looks to feature Zapata with Bonucci and Romagnoli with Musacchio a victim of the coaches changes.

Mihajlovic’s team may be slowly gaining form and come to the San Siro with no losses in their last three games.