Some Stability, At Last?

This morning the Court of Arbitration for Sport has overturned UEFA’s Adjudicatory Chamber Decision to throw out Milan out of the 2018-2019 Europa League and to do the same for 2019-2020 if Milan’s finances show little improvement.

All indications point to Elliott’s presence, in place of Yonghong Li, being an important factor in the decision. There is a line in the ruling that refers to information that was not available when the first decision to exclude Milan was taken.

The management fund took over from the Chinese earlier in the summer when Li failed to provide a €32 million capital needed to finance the club, ever since there has been questions as to why the Chinese gave up so easily and hasn’t been heard of. It is also not certain what the management fund intends to do with Milan. The talk is that it will keep Milan and provide stability for a three year period and then attempt to sell a healthier team.

Now UEFA will have to officially readmit Milan to European competition and with that there is at least more interest in the team. While Elliott is very unlikely to be heavy spenders in the transfer market there is at least a base to restart Milan, as it were.