Notes On A Bizarre 2-2 Tie Vs Verona

Gabbia was a last minute replacement for Romagnoli who withdrew due to a muscle problem.
The defense and set pieces defending in particular was tested immediately as a corner was not cleared, a Verona header hit the cross bar and deflected back in play as everybody scrambled, it was eventually shot in by Antonin Barak.
A free kick resulted in a similar play and Calabria’s attempt to clear the shot was instead deflected behind the dejected full back and into goal.
The team was lively and moving well and a Kessie run resulted in Milan getting a goal back. This was also deflected, this time by Giangiacomo Magnani.
Theo missed a close range shot when he managed to move the ball through to the Verona goal.
Ibra seemed even more vocal, frustrated and annoyed at himself and his team mates and poorly missed at least one freekick.
Rebic came on for Saelemaekers at the half although to inject some offense although the Belgian was lively.
Verona’s Mattia Zaccagni came close to extending his team’s lead but shot above the bar from close range.
Calhangolu thought to have equalized but it was ruled offside, or so we think, VAR remains as questionable as any other and sometimes it is not clear who decides what. Not forgetting that VAR’s main and initial aim is to correct clear and obvious errors. This point was enforced when Ibra was called for a handball when Milan were to equalize again. The definition of hand ball – does it not include upper arm anymore? – is ever more confusing.
Diaz came on for Leao while it seemed that Hauge is coming on too but Pioli held back the Norwegian and left it late to replace Calhanoglu.
Ibra continued to frustrate as he missed a penalty but later redeemed his night and coach’s inaction with a late goal. He later admitted that he should not take penalties as he has missed many recently. Kessie will take the next one or few.
A tie seemed unlikely but it was deserved. However, questions are increasing as to Milan’s continuing form.