Milan’s Europa League Adventure Ends

0-1 loss & tame Europa League exit

Milan exited the often disliked Europa League by losing to Manchester United at home.

The 0-1 loss was not fully deserved nor was it fully mourned. Milan deserved better of the first leg 1-1 in Manchester but didn’t play better at home. The now familiar injury riddled mode was bound to hurt the team and having had to resort to Castillejo as a nominal forward was unlikely to end well. The whole 11 didn’t do much and were facing a team that while stronger physically was hurting as well.

The first half was somewhat even with almost half chances exchanged and the second half didn’t see much change but a change made at half time immediately paid dividends for the visitors. Paul Pogba came on and showed the greater concentration and physicality to score the opener and only goal. While Milan’s defenders and midfielder were scrambling and falling in the box Pogba gained possession and had time to pick his spot to beat Donnarumma from close range.

Ibra was introduced to try to change the attacking look but other than offside 0 some of which were wrong – things didn’t change much.

The game ended and the aftermath was more focused on the possible length of Calabria’s absence than the defeat itself. The right back is to go under knee surgery and will be out at the very least a month but likely more.