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Oh this is a thing.

Cork Ireland
Well I found the site while being a broken man when Kaka had been sold.I knew most forums were a shit show , but here isnt thankfully.Signed up then because I couldnt be alone in my misery.
My dad is a lifelong Milan supporter as am I due to him.Strange that he was as most Irish blindly follow English football , he first saw them in the 69 European cup final against Ajax.
I started watching in 1990 Euro Cup final was my first game and Football Italia came on the TV in 91/92.Have followed Milan my whole life was born into it Smile I think it was easier when I used get my news from Football Italia saturday show and CNN sports news and didnt see everything going on.
I was born in Prilep, Macedonia. Moved to the USA in 1999 though and found this site shortly thereafter some time at the end of 1999. I didn't sign up unitl January 2001, but ever since 1999, I don't think there's been a single day that I haven't opened up the site to read. These days, I it's always open on my phone and I refresh it every time I pick it up.....literary tens of times a day. I guess you call that a habit? Or obsession? Big Grin

I do the same with R&B and although I am registered there, I rarely ever post and mostly use it as a source of news/videos/etc rather then to engage in discussions.

About old times traffic on god, I remember seeing 100s of people active and posting during games.

I wonder what happens to people??? Do they stop supporting Milan? Football im general? Do they still read and not post? Do they follow Milan, just don't go to forums any more??? It's interesting....
I think a lot just never signed up when the change happened from the older site to this.We did have to resign up didnt we.Theres nearly 9k on the twitter and I think people use twitter more in general than use foruma for sports nowadays.
I presumed it was mostly down to many moved on with their lives and for them the forum or Milan just became secondary and took a back burner for them. I think activity dropped significantly after calcipoli and factor that with Milan's struggles and it's probably not a shock that it's not like it was before, especially as social media and other places (e.g. reddit) have become more active.

I'm a bit like you nefremo, the forum has become a routine part of life for me. If I didn't post here, I don't think I'd be actively involved online to discuss Milan (not on a forum or social media anyway).

I've mentioned it before, but living in the UK I came across the site when searching back in '99. I started following Milan back in the late 80s thanks to Sacchi's side in Europe and playing as Milan in videogames. In the 90s I was able to watch more closely thanks to Football Italia with James Richardson.
(07-14-2017, 11:26 AM)Kastriot Wrote: [ -> ]I will share my story here as I want to relate to the Bonnuci situation, making a comparison with the day Nesta was signed.

I found out of MM through a classmate of mine in 2001, he was a Milan fan but head of time in terms of internet usage. He showed me the site, and bare in mind, at that time and leaving in a developing country it was a huge deal for me to get to read and chat with other fans.

The older members remember that we had the news section in the front page at the time, and at that time this was my first source of information related to Milan. (Soccerage was second)

I distinctly remember the day when we signed Nesta, as I went to a internet cafe to check up on the news, and it was right after Cannavaro had chosen Inter, after a long long process. I could feel that we had been one defender away from glory, and as Cannavaro went the other way it broke my heart.

If I remember correctly the Nesta deal was a bit of shock and done very quickly, similarly to Bonnuci. I opened the front page and I read that we had signed Nesta, and I immediately started crying (in a public space). I was so happy I could not hold my tears. No other player or transfer has given me such an emotion, as it meant we were back in business. I have the same feeling today, not the same emotion, as football has lost that part to money, capitalism and Raiolas of the world. However, it does feel that we are back and so does MM with all this new traffic.
wowowow I came here from Soccerage as well Proud

I'm  from the old MM forum as well....but I left for a while because there was a mod who kept banning/barring users for the silliest of reasons.
I tried out The Red And Black Forums which was pretty great but started getting very censorious of late and Milanfan which is ghost town more empty than our stadiums of late Grinundwech

I'm a very cool, laid back dude who likes to make friends and loves to make jokes. Don't like ppl who tell you what to say or quick to label you.
I'm from the Caribbean like Warro (where the heck is he guys?) and I got two kids who live in the US. My first kid had a "AC MILAN FAN" onsie with a "I poop on Inter" at the back Okmilan

I really want to be friends with all of you...I'm pretty good with Warro, Beemer,  Stitch, Jay, Reza, Vadim (again...he's probably chained up in someone's basement) I'm sure there are a lot I'm forgetting because the old MM used to be a riot!
We had a "reasons to support Inter" thread and a Paolo Inzaghi thread that were fuckin RIOTS Icon_lol2
. Didn't particularly get on with Jeff or mzk57 but I think we can be friends again in our old age.
Dry Curls, we have Paolo Inzaghi thread here too Big Grin
From San Francisco, California, United States of America.  I started following Milan in the early 80s because I liked the red and black colors on a badge sticker I received from some visiting Italian cousins (from Bologna, but originally from a village near Lucca--Ponte a Moriano--from which my grandmother hailed) as a gift.  They gave my sister some Italian stamps and my cousin some lira coins but I got the Serie A badge collection, and isn't it lucky for me that I don't like the color blue or pictures of bulls or wolves.  Anyway, back in them antediluvian days it was pretty difficult to follow Milan, with a lot of reading old Gazzetta dello Sport (days old) issues badly translated with the assistance of my grandmother and watching the Italian programming block on the local foreign language tv channel (ch. 26) and having to sit through horrible Italian talk shows and a whole lot of pope coverage in order to see some match highlights.  Of course Milan was big then and they frequently were the main game shown, but still.  Also, I thought Ruud Gullit was pretty cool (still do) and he'd often be featured in the US media because of his overall coolness and political stands.  Found MilanMania whilst doing an internet search (on!) the second day after I got a web-connected computer in 1999.  Was even a moderator (and on Xtratime) for a while on two separate non-consecutive occasions.  I still try to check the site at least three times a week to see what's going on, and am Facebook friends with some old timers from those early late MM days, but life sometimes intervenes and I am not as active as I used to be in posting (and how often can one say Montolivo is not good, really?).  But I still lurk and read...and I still wanna know whatever happened to Bodat!  As always Forza Milan!
Lucerne, Switzerland
Found MM the first time in 2011, since there were a lot of newspapers writing about it.
I did just read most of the content and did no registration.

Found MM again in 2016 and was reading a lot of the content as well. And last year, I finally registered myself, to talk about my favourite topic with you guys....
Newspapers writing about what? Big Grin
(08-17-2018, 02:34 PM)Raffa_Rossoneri Wrote: [ -> ]there were a lot of newspapers writing about it.

(08-17-2018, 11:25 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Newspapers writing about what? Big Grin


I think he meant IT.

as in Information Technology, the job that Raffael is now doing. Big Grin
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