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Parma is back? Great news! Very happy for them.
Buffon should go back to Parma, for the old time's sake. It may help stabilize the team which is important for their first year back in Serie A. Also, he would earn them additional points by taking out the ball that has crossed the line. Grinundwech
Yeah glad to have Parma back.
Hope they'll get relegated back at the end of next season. I hate that shitty team.
Haha Why?
Don't have any specific reason ,I just don't like them. Parma and Fiorentina ,two worst teams in Italy. I was so glad when they went to hell. Trashing Fiorentina 6-1 after they returned...Priceless. Hope we'll do same with Parma next season.
Let's go PALERMO
You like Palermo?
(06-14-2018, 03:52 AM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]You like Palermo?

Palermo's my #2 due to family
Fuck Frosinone. Cheating bastards
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