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(08-07-2020, 05:22 PM)mazen111 Wrote: [ -> ]And in the first matches of this careless Juventus youth trainer pirlo, he lost his first meeting against Berlusconi and Galliani team # Monza 6-1

Juventus Under23 is the most pathetic thing ever. It's a career ending thing for any player.
Nesta's Frosinone vs Spezia tonight in 1st leg of Serie A promotion play-off. 3bandiera
Tracking our young loanee

Frank Tsadjout scored a goal against Brescia last night for Cittadella
Ariedo Braida is director general of Cremonese.

No Serie A club for him? How Cremonese afford him?
Marco Brescianni with his goal of his professional career against Reggiana
monza as

Balotelli, Boateng & Berlusconi: The Story of AC Monza, Italy’s Most Ambitious Club
monza is smoothly heading towards serie a next season
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