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Surprised to see there isn't a thread dedicated to this (if there is then please merge). The venting thread is ok, but there are times where specific management news is coming out and it's not really venting and would probably get lost in that thread.

Anyway, news is that yesterday Sacchi visited Milanello when Galliani and Silvio were there, having dinner afterwards with those two and Pippo. Rumours are that Silvio is asking for him to return. At first it was thought it would be to help mentor Inzaghi and manage the first team, but it sounds like Sacchi's not particularly interested in that role and would like to be more involved with the youth set up.

For now, as it stands, it seems Silvio's offered Sacchi a role and unlike before, Sacchi's said he'll think about it.
Some more info on the possible Sacchi return.

Sacchi's role would be to be a "coach of coaches" in the youth sector. His project would be to help develop the youth for the long term future by outlining consistent training structures.

However, rumours are that the club don't want to undermine Inzaghi's role and so Sacchi wouldn't determine how the first team operates, to the point where Gazzetta suggests that he wouldn't work on Friday's, which is when Berlusconi visits Inzaghi and the side.

There's also questions which need to be defined around who outlines the style and system of play in the youth set up, Sacchi or Inzaghi.

Personally, I'm of the opinion that this is a positive move, but there will be some crossover between Sacchi and Inzaghi's duties. I don't think it should be complicated though.

Sacchi's role, as it sounds, is to define a club philosophy based on his ideas. Coaches manage the players on a day to day basis, choosing their own system of play and the players, but fundamentally at all levels the game should be based on the principles that Sacchi has outlined, both in the past and today.

It's evident Silvio wants the side to play the football that Sacchi's side played back when he was in charge in the 80s. If Inzaghi's the right choice, he'll play to that philosophy, but if he makes choices that diametrically opposed what Silvio wants, then it means he was the wrong choice when hired. This is fundamentally why I think there should be little complication on hiring Sacchi. Either they both share similar views on how the side should be set up, or they don't, in which case Silvio's made a mistake choosing Inzaghi, when he needs to hire a coach who will share similar views to Sacchi.
Following yesterday's result there seems to be turmoil in the Milan management. Tuttosport (and other members of the press) report that the players have been called in today, which would normally be a rest day about recent performances:

Apparently, Galliani will be in Milanello this morning to talk to Inzaghi, the coaching staff and the players about the situation and how serious things have gotten. After that, he'll go to Arcore to see Silvio and Barbara, where he will have to explain the situation. Silvio watched the game with Barbara yesterday at Arcore and was supposedly left furious with the performance.

There also appears to be great questions about Inzaghi's staff. Apparently some of the coaching staff think the primary focus in preparing for matches should be to look at opposition and adjust the system for the match, while another group supposedly believe that Milan should always try to impose their game on the opposition. It might partly explain why some of the performances are so disjointed.

Another interesting rumour is Seedorf is trying to contact Sivlio Berlusconi (directly) about his current situation. Apparently, based on what I've read him seeing the problems that Inzaghi's currently facing is an opportunity for him to speak to Silvio about his side of the story and perhaps explain that he feels that the management politics is what resulted in his dismissal to pave the way for Inzaghi to become coach (read: Seedorf is basically saying Galliani got him sacked for Pippo).

Btw, has anyone got any thoughts on Sacchi's possible return or the politics in Milan following the Atalanta defeat? This thread is a bit lonely atm Big Grin . Actually, it is an interesting turn of events, as if the reports are true, it sounds like Galliani could be held accountable to some degree for the team's failure to perform.
I think it can be said, that the powers in Milanello have no idea about what are they doing. We supposed to see the promised youth project take shape along with a new stadium, but instead all we see is disappointing games and results, dirty politics inside the club, shitty transfers and people like Galliani trying to cover the truth about the club. The sad truth is that in its current shape Milan is a dying club...
I think people are generally tired of complaining about the management, Dev. I am all for Sacchi coming to establish a clear philosophy and some damn direction in the club. It's important for me that the club plays proactive, attractive football and the faster we get to this the better. I don't know if progress can really be made until Galliani and/or Berlu leave the club. While they are present, I fear we'll be stuck in the old ways. I don't think I have enjoyed watching this team play football since maybe under Ancelotti. Facepalm

Is there any comparison of how Pippo's results have been in comparison to Clarence's? I feel like Pippo has been doing worse with better players..but I'm not sure.
He has been doing worse. In 18 games Seedorf had 9 more points then Pippo.
lol, apparently Inzaghi's signed a letter saying he has to play offensive football.

I agree with all your points. Mystik, I was mainly just interested in hearing if people thought this stuff was at all positive or how it would impact the club. I hope this thread is less about venting (we have a thread for that) and more about discussing ongoing management news.
Sacchi would be a tipical Berlusconi type of move. Get a well known Milan face to make it look like they are actually doing something. His arrival would not magically fix the problems.
No coach could do much with this squad, but I suppose that a good one can still manage the 3rd spot. Serie A is too weak after all.
May be I can put this here.

I made a chart on the front page of the site (permalink that shows a comparison of points at half way point of last 3 seasons. The chart there has tool tips (hover with mouse to see the numbers) but here's a screenshot:

[Image: B7uuUqBCYAAUF74.png]