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RE: Milan's Financial Position - AC_Troy - 06-27-2018

Commisso confirmed in an interview that the deal is ongoing. Commisso wanted Yong Hong Li to be there in person to negotiate face-to-face. It seems like they'll continue working on this deal, Rocco is confident that it'll close

- Sky Italia

RE: Milan's Financial Position - SkyEdge - 06-27-2018

(06-27-2018, 09:20 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: Commisso: “This Milan team is a seven-time European champion and has a tradition and history of global significance and does not deserve to be treated like that.”

Commisso: "The club must be mine because I believe I can manage it and bring it back to maximum greatness. Am I interested in other clubs? No. Milan is Milan, with a tradition that not all Italian or global clubs can claim."

Just for saying these magical words.. i hope and pray he gets the deal done..

RE: Milan's Financial Position - nefremo - 06-28-2018

(06-27-2018, 10:11 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: Supposedly UEFA's reasoning is to do with finances between 2014 and 2017. If so that's ****ing absurd and only serves to put off potential investors in the sport.

Wasn't there something in the FFP rules about new ownership getting an entire fiscal year to get previous ownership's accounts in order? 

Why are we getting punished for this? Unreal.

RE: Milan's Financial Position - slifersd - 06-28-2018

We are basically getting punished because UEFA has a major problem with Yonghong's financing situation. I personally think UEFA should just regulate these things if they are so concerned by it, but it's UEFA so it is what it is.

RE: Milan's Financial Position - ACMILAN1983 - 06-28-2018

I agree with both of you, I'm not sure what UEFA's decision is based on and only referring to what I read. Frankly speaking, I just don't understand how UEFA can legitimately make this decision.

RE: Milan's Financial Position - AC_Troy - 06-28-2018

Rocco Commisso wants Milan at all costs and has no intention of giving up after the sudden halt in negotiations. He is ready to continue negotiations with Yonghong Li. [Gazzetta]

RE: Milan's Financial Position - AC_Troy - 06-28-2018

In the last hours Yonghong Li’s emissaries have returned to the negotiating table with Commisso to try and find an agreement. If there are no further surprises, an agreement could be reached by the end of the week. [ilSole24]

RE: Milan's Financial Position - am I Milan enough? - 06-28-2018

From the interview, Comisso seems genuine and knows what he wants to do with this club. Hope the sale goes thru asap. We cannot afford the ban and uncertain mgt at the same time next season. That would be the worst of the worst as fans.

RE: Milan's Financial Position - AC_Troy - 06-28-2018

Rocco Commisso counts on closing the Milan acquisition and is waiting for Yonghong Li to give the go ahead. One of his ideas is bringing back Umberto Gandini as the club CEO [Il Sole 24 Ore]

However, the most probable hypothesis preferred by Commisso is to maintain Marco Fassone. But the rumors of a possible return of Gandini has surfaced.

Commisso’s proposal for purchasing Milan guarantees the refinancing of the Elliott loan, €150M for the transfer market and club management and Yonghong Li retaining 30% of the Milan shares.

RE: Milan's Financial Position - AC_Troy - 06-28-2018

Commisso showed willingness in raising Yonghong Li's percentage in Milan and willing to travel to Europe to close the deal [Sky]