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RE: Milan's Financial Position - SkyEdge - 12-27-2019

(12-27-2019, 03:05 PM)mazen111 Wrote: #MilanNews

Requests are coming to Casa Milan store for Ibra shirts. 4 thousand requests were registered within 12 minutes?

to be honest.. im waiting for this news to be official and im also going to get myself a Milan shirt with IbraCadabra printed on the back.. i havent gotten a milan kit for like 3 years..

RE: Milan's Financial Position - ACM2022 - 12-27-2019

(12-24-2019, 07:22 AM)Declare Variables Not War Wrote: We got almost 15m from Europa League. Not too bad actually

[Image: Ricavi-Europa-League-2018-2019.jpg]

Chelsea got close to 50m. That's really cool. I can swear that a few seasons ago I read that the winning team would get no more than 10m for the whole thing. Maybe it has changed?

RE: Milan's Financial Position - mazen111 - 01-30-2020

- lucapagni:

Maldini and boban saved more than 80 million euros in Mercato this January by selling and loaning some players in addition to salaries

RE: Milan's Financial Position - Sleeping Giant - 02-01-2020

According to reports from Milano Finanza (via, the American billionaire Daniel Friedkin, who is now close to completing the acquisition of Roma, attempted to buy Milan in the last couple of weeks.

RE: Milan's Financial Position - Siregar - 02-02-2020

(12-27-2019, 03:22 PM)ACM2020 Wrote: Chelsea got close to 50m. That's really cool. I can swear that a few seasons ago I read that the winning team would get no more than 10m for the whole thing. Maybe it has changed?

Due to market pool? The money from all games are still not that much IMO. The winner only got 8,5 mil euros.

Market pool alone beat the income from matches' prize. Chelsea got almost 22 mil and clubs like Eintract Frankfurt and Rennais almost 12 mil while Milan half of what those German and French clubs received. 

What actually determines this market pool?

RE: Milan's Financial Position - reza - 02-02-2020

Market,TV audience size and then if you are the only one from the country in that season's CL/EL you get all the country's allocation

RE: Milan's Financial Position - Declare Variables Not War - 02-02-2020

Deloitte: Milan out of the top 20, steady revenues since 2003

AC Milan once again comes out of the top 20 of the Deloitte Football Money League . After the slide recorded in the 2016-2017 season, also in the 2018-2019 financial year, the first under the management of the Elliott fund, the Rossoneri club is not among the top 20 clubs for international revenues.

Based on the reclassified data for the 2018-2019 season, AC Milan closed in 21st position with a turnover of 206.3 million euros, almost in line with the 207.7 million euros of 2017-2018 (which earned 18th position), but which puts the Rossoneri behind other top Italian clubs such as Napoli (20th with 207.4 million euros), Roma (16th with 231 million euros), Inter (14th with 364.6 million) euros) and Juventus (tenth in the world and first among the Italians with 459.7 million euros).
A position that certainly does not reflect the rank of a club like Milan. Suffice it to say that since Deloitte started publishing the Football Money League (in the 1997-1998 season) the Rossoneri club had  remained in the top 10 positions for 17 out of 21 editions , abandoning the top 10 in the 2013-2014 season, and then going out for the first time since the top 20 in 2016-2017.

[Image: Milan-Deloitte-ricavi-storici.png]
AC Milan's revenue trend compared to the average revenues of the top European clubs

Looking at the data shown in the infographic it is easy to see how in the last 17 years AC Milan's revenues have been stagnant overall. The richer years have always coincided with participation in the Champions League (which has helped to support the revenue from TV rights), while the least prosperous years are those in which the club has remained out of the cups.

The difference was made by the other clubs. In the 17 years considered in the infographic, the average of the revenues of the top clubs taken as a benchmark (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, PSG, Chelsea, Juventus, Rome and Inter) has gone from 175 million in 2002- 2003 (Milan then invoiced 200) to 578 million in 2018-2019 (with Milan stopped at 206 million).

The gap with the other top clubs has widened not only in light of AC Milan's lost revenue from the prolonged absence from the Champions League.

On the commercial revenue front, the absence of significant sporting results in recent years has also been felt.

[Image: ricavi-commerciali-milan.png]

AC Milan - Commercial revenues (source: AC Milan SpA financial statements; data in millions of euros)

According to the data reported in the club's financial statements, the Rossoneri's commercial revenues went from 82.8 million euros in the year ended 31 December 2015 to 56.8 million in the financial statements as at 30 June 2019.
A trend that, if the right sports and managerial actions are not activated, could continue in the next few years, if it is true that Emirates is preparing to renew the sponsorship of the jersey with Milan at figures lower than the 14 million plus bonuses per season put on the plate in the five-year period 2015-2020.

[Image: Schermata-2020-01-15-alle-09.47.45.png]

RE: Milan's Financial Position - Declare Variables Not War - 02-02-2020

AC Milan have recently published their preliminary financial results for the 2018/19 season ?
@acmilan closed the year with a massive, EUR 146 million loss in profit after tax, the worst result in the history of the club ?

[Image: EHFXqiUX4AQvSHL?format=jpg&name=medium]
More details on Forbes and CalcioeFinanza

RE: Milan's Financial Position - Declare Variables Not War - 02-02-2020

According to my calculation, we will save about 50m  in wages this summer assuming Zlatan + Salemaker will stay and Bergovic + Kjaer will leave.
That would be a sizable saving but I don't think we will be safe from FFP yet given the fact that we recorded a loss of -146m  in 2018/19 (-413m  over five years).

[Image: 8N8LIaT.png]
Sources for the salaries and transfer fees:

RE: Milan's Financial Position - reza - 02-02-2020

Thanks for these posts Smile