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RE: Milan's Financial Position - Aficio - 07-21-2022

So, Eliott is still the boss!!!

I am emotionally annoyed, but logically OK with that.

RE: Milan's Financial Position - Demonbanana - 08-30-2022

Now this is big

Financial times @FT
The New York Yankees baseball franchise and a Los Angeles investment fund are investing in Milan alongside US private equity group RedBird, which is closing in on the €1.2bn acquisition of the club

RedBird is set to announce the entry of its new partners as early as Wednesday when it is expected to officially take control of the club from its current owner, US hedge fund Elliott Management

The Yankees are among the biggest brands in sport, with a Major League Baseball-record 27 World Series championships. The team has been owned by the Steinbrenner family since 1973 when late patriarch George paid $8.8mn for the franchise, which is now valued at $6bn

The Yankees will work closely with AC Milan as Cardinale tries to increase the Italian club’s revenues and on-field successes, people familiar with the matter said. Part of the collaboration could include AC Milan programming on the YES Network, a regional sports network owned by a consortium of the Yankees club, Amazon, RedBird and Sinclair Broadcast Group.

RE: Milan's Financial Position - Arildonardo - 08-30-2022

New York Yankees salaries:

Should be possible to renew Rafael Leao. Devilcool

RE: Milan's Financial Position - reza - 08-30-2022

Always amazes me when I read about a business deal, not just this one, where the money is found *after* the deal is signed.

If Cardinale manages to do the stadium he would already be one of the best owners in world football.

RE: Milan's Financial Position - Demonbanana - 08-31-2022

Milan are officially RedBird now.

RE: Milan's Financial Position - reza - 08-31-2022

Will Cardinale make a gift transfer ala Berlu? Big Grin

RE: Milan's Financial Position - Zio Fester - 08-31-2022

(08-31-2022, 02:24 PM)reza Wrote: Will Cardinale make a gift transfer ala Berlu? Big Grin

Only if he can get a loan from Elliot...

RE: Milan's Financial Position - Codazzi - 08-31-2022

I expect no one less than a world class RW in June

RE: Milan's Financial Position - Demonbanana - 09-01-2022

Earlier today, Yankees Global Enterprises entered into a partnership with historic Italian football club @acmilan.

The YES Network will air AC Milan matches beginning September 6th.