Milan vs. Atalanta 9/23/18
Team just isn't good enough.Now yes we should be beating Atalanta & Cagliari , but bar 1 top player a few good players & 4/5 promising youngsters our squad is stacked with mediocre players & our results & positions the last 5 years reflect that.
We can say we're underperforming & the likes of Lazio are not better that Inter aren't better.The truth is they're better teams.
We have no winners on this team except Higuain & Abate...What I mean is players that have won & are/were accustomed to winning.
Our coach well let's face up to it he isn't good enough for a club that wants to be in the UCL.He won't get us there and our squad the way we play , we'd be embarrassed.We're another year down the road have added another 7 players and we're none the better its infuriating but it's the norm now , this will be the 6th straight season of basically being midtable.