Genoa vs. Milan 1/21/19
Paqueta hits the post.all we did for 45'
This is exactly the kind of performance to be expected after what Rino called disastrous training session.
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hakan calhanoglu has regressed so terribly. what the fuck was that free kick? he has absolutely no confidence in hitting that ball, yet had the audacity to take it in the first place.

The only positive is the shot by Paqueta. What a beauty.
Will we ever score in 1st half?
Why does everyone in this squad runs slow and the other teams always have more efficient counterattack? I hardly ever seen any fluent counterattack in this match, nor against Sampdoria. Everytime when they run with the ball, they get caught up right away. Anyone share the same?
Cutrone can't do anything if he can't touch the ball. Yet he managed to get a yellow. LOL.

This team is going nowhere with Gattuso. We have good enough players to make the 4th, I am confident of that, but we do need a decent quality coach that can get the best out of all the players we have. Most players regress badly after they join us. So sad.
Donnarumma is putting in a lot of really good performances. Conti is pretty bad defensively I guess that's why he isn't getting starts. 

We actually look fairly disorganized especially in the midfield where we are over run. Not a great start.
Gattuso and his tactics...
I'm not too worried about this performance. We (or any other side in Serie A for that matter) never play well in this stadiu. The grass is trash and both Genoa and Samp always play physical as shit. It also doesn't help that this fucking referee always does this crap. Every single contact is a foul. Player tumbles over, foul. Soft touch on the shoulder, foul.

Anyway, this game was always going to be trash in terms of quality. I hope we find a goal from somewhere and win 1-0. Thay's all I want.

But yes...Gattuso's tactics are shit. We are not fluid at all. We look like school boys out there. Only the very basic of movements.

And can we please, please please stop letting Calhanoglu take FKs. The guy sucks
I hope that Paedophile Berlusconi watches the game and sees his masterpiece