Genoa vs. Milan 1/21/19
Yeah cleansheet and 3 points to bring home!

once Biglia is back, it should be LP- Biglia- Bakayoko.
Two victories and two clean sheets since the new year, on the same turf. Big Grin
Not to mention next week bar Merda, 6 of the top 7 are playing head to head.
Lazio-Juve, Atalanta-Roma, Milan-Napoli.

AND They have Koulibaly suspended.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
(01-21-2019, 04:37 PM)edysim Wrote: yes as sub

It is nice to have a quality sub.

Such a relief to get this tough win. Off to a W for 2019.

I think Abate performance as CB is quite pleasant considered he's been a liability to defense as RB.
A much more improved game in the 2nd half in part I think because both teams were slightly more daring. Abate impressed as CB, Conti offered attacking option, with Borini and Cutrone worked their socks off chasing every ball. Also Donna made great saves too. Three points and clean sheet away against a notoriously physical side. Couldn't ask for more.
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Great result, but , not a convincing game.
Bakayoko was excellent. And he was constantly under pressure too, but somehow he always escaped it. Let's hope he can continue this.

A left winger and another CM is still needed. I hope we sell Hakan to fund one of those moves. The guy offers nothing. Nothing more then lets say Mauri offers at the moment.

Great 3 points on a shit pitch against a team that makes the day hell for anyone that goes to that stadium. We got a few tough games coming up with Napoli, Roma and Atalanta (with Cagliari in between) so hopefully we keep focused and keep racking up points.

Forza Milan!!
(01-21-2019, 05:04 PM)artand Wrote: Great result, but , not a convincing game.

You are asking for too much. Let's be happy with a win here.  Sagrin
(01-21-2019, 05:04 PM)artand Wrote: Great result, but , not a convincing game.

Hard to have a convincing game against this Genoa side, especially at their stadium. They've given hell to almost everyone this season. Prandelli as coach & the players they have now is not the team they've been in recent years. With that being said, we've definitely weakened them taking Piatek.
(01-21-2019, 04:58 PM)SkyEdge Wrote: The only times i noticed hakan was when he was limping around, taking corners and free kicks.. almost non-existant beyond that and its such an insult he wears our no.10

Hakan was 3 time make pass and put Borini 1 on 1, and same with suso.. . I don't know what you expect from hakan bring fast wings and he will make 20 assist... He is only player that does not lose balls, and most of his passes are good, only playes that can change sides. . Hakan is not player that will make some great dribbling and put out 2 or  3 players and make solo action and score... He is player that give safety in the middle and with long ball making chance for winger and strikes..