2021–22 Coppa Italia
Overall not a bad game in my opinion, individually many missed opportunities. A front 4 of a more serious team can not be what we have, whether it is an important match or not, whether B team or not.
not a bad game.

in my view, we lack attacking qality, not only this game. we need some new dimensions when it comes to attacking. we are relying too much on Leao and sporadically on Giroud. The right wing is dead, AMF dead, there comes little from the mid too, and Theo doesnt have last years sharpness.
Zio Fester: I wonder what you would have said if you were an Inter fan? Probably banned..Tongue.

I agree that we lack so much quality in the last third, but our overall performance was dominant and very solid. A truly fantastic defence. And those who doubted a Tomori- Kalulu partnship have to eat some hats. Great performance by both. Inter had Zero! Florenzi was great, Theo great defensively, rock solid by Bennacer, especially in the second half, decent by Kessie and Krunic. Leao of courseour danger man, the rest was poor. And Rebic again? What the heck has he eaten? All time low these last weeks...

My rating:

- Maignan. 6.
- Florenzi. 6,5.
- Tomori: 7.
- Kalulu: 7,5.
- Theo: 6,5.
- Bennacer: 6,5.
- Kessie: 6.
- Saelemaekers: 5.
- Krunic: 6.
- Leao: 6,5.
- Giroud: 5.

Rebic: 4.
Messias: 5,5.
Diaz: 5,5.
Calabria: Not enough time.

We will beat them with Tonali and Zlatan from the start in the next game. Forza Milan!
Actually feel we should of won this 2 or 3 nil.

Despite not winning , I hope we take this mentality forward to the end of the season. 

We have an outside chance at  domestic double after all.
(03-02-2022, 03:29 AM)Demonbanana Wrote: Actually feel we should of won this 2 or 3 nil.

Despite not winning , I hope we take this mentality forward to the end of the season. 

We have an outside chance at  domestic double after all.

Thought of that, but didn't want to say (aka. jinx) it. Icon_lol2 

I don't think we have ever achieved that in our history, iirc. After all, we usually didn't care too much for the Coppa. The last time we won it was 2003, and the year before that was 1977! That means that we won it only once in the past 45 years. WTH!! Icon_lol2
aka xudong
Oh man....if only we can get a couple quality, modern, ruthless attackers. We'd be beating teams 2/3-0 with no problem. So many missed opportunities by Saele and Krunic. Both with them having an opportunity to score and also them having messed up the final pass/decision.

We were dominant throughout. Looked more energetic. More quality overall. Inter looked drained and low on confidence at times. It's unfortunate that we couldn't take a couple goal lead into the 2nd leg.

Dominating the 1st two 3rds and playing with such high intensity and tempo is great....but if we shit our pants every time we get into the attacking 3rd...we'll keep drawing the likes of Udinese and Salernitana and not win shit.

For the time being, it is what it is. Can't do anything until the summer. But the management has to be seeing this. I mean...we get to the final 3rd with such ease. And then, we lack quality. I know we've scored many goals. I get that. But again, with the amount of counters and quick direct attacks that we create, we should be score much much more. As a matter of fact, I'd say the fact we aren't far and away the runaway scoring team in the league this year is very much indicative of the problems we face in the final 3rd. A couple quality players up there, and we'd be flirting with 90-100 goals in Serie A this year like Atalanta last year and the year before that.
This is costing us points in the league. Could also cost us this tie at the end. The horrible shooting and decision making/passing around and even IN the opponent's box is incredible.
We played a decent game but our shortcomings are so clear, this game really was the perfect example, very clear and obvious. We lack quality up front.
3/4 of our attackers aren't Milan quality, Leao has to do everything himself.
We need a right winger and a striker as Adli is already ours, and I'm still having a bit of hope in the quality of Diaz, the kid can still improve, he's very young.

I wouldn't sign a central defender, Kalulu is so good there, and just renew romagnoli please. So we can spend the money up front.
I was really nervous about this game but surprised by the outcome.

Most importantly for me was our press. Much more cohesive and generated chances unlike recent games. We are slowly coming back to form. Now it’s up to individual players to step up (Ibra, Rebic and Saele).

Also my fears from the summer are being realized in that Diaz, Giroud, Saele and Messias aren’t goal scorers. Leao is stepping up which is clutch. Otherwise, we don’t have finishers like you guys mentioned above. Adli certainly can help, but we need a player who can score 20 in a season with this many chances.
I woke up when Juve 2:1 Inter. Nice!

Now FT, and Juve 2:2 Inter. Nicer!!

Don't care the rest!!! Big Grin
120 min. Perfect! They will feel this in the second half on sunday. Hope Juve win so they also have a negative moral.