2016-2017 season
If I lived in Milano, I'd buy the season ticket, irrespective of what was going on. The seats closest to the bench so I could scream at the Polis and the Hondas to leave.
I planned to go to Milan to see Milan-Napoli at the start of January. Just need to buy the tickets when available !
One should not speak ill of the dead.
So stop laughing at Juventus !
You know, sometimes I think we (Milan fans) are spoiled. It really is a shame to see an empty stadium, especially when "little" clubs elsewhere fill their stadiums. For example, I saw Stuttgart's fans create a huge rally for their team's season opener. It was spectacular. Full stadium, etc....yet what exactly have they won? Who exactly have they bought? Etc, etc.

So I think it's shitty that people don't go to the stadium when their team isn't necessarily winning. What about midtable teams and relegation teams?

BUT, having said that....I think most Milan fans are just sick and tired of the lies and curroption in Milan. People just don't want to be lied to and taken for a ride. If B&G were just honest and up front with the fans, many things wouod have been different now. I think with the return (hopefully) of Maldini/Albertini and with the return of honesty in the way this club is ran, people will return to support the colors even when we don't do all that well.
Exactly ,bigest problem here is that board lies to fans. It's something like "We've done all ,we provided (at least) team for CL, but hey ,look ,coach is guilty ,he's incapable to put this playing diamonds we provided into killing machine.
Actualy it's not even lies ,they think that we're all retarted and have IQ - 45 and that they can deceive us with those kind of "stories".
Stutgart's fans and their inteligence aren't insulted by their board statements how they "have team for CL" despite even random 101 yo grandma from mongolian desert knows that team which board provided can't be competitive anywhere near CL. Their president don't go into media with story "I'll bring 2 CL finals for Milan in next 5 years" ,etc etc.
Last january ,Galliani brought Princess Boa and told "This team don't need further signings ,we're competitive." Well ,that kind of sh*t are reason for empty stadium.
Avaiting forĀ arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
All of this could've handled very well when Ibra and TS33 left. All the board had to do was come out and say - Look we got no money and we had to balance the books. But our youth project is a go. We might not win anything for the next few years, we might now even qualify for CL but we will be building for the future and ask you to be patient for the next 2-3 years.

Barbara's plan was actually pretty darn solid. They should've hired someone like Sogliano done some hard scouting and taken a risk on talented youth. As Babs had said at that time- we want to identify talents before they become future stars.

There would'ver been no need to sell the club. And right now, we would have a wonderful foundation to build on.
Fourth highest now

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So I guess it would not be asking for too much if we expect our team to finish the season at least within top 4? Maybe top 5 seeing that Napoli is kind of close in the wage bills.
Wow kudos to Empoli & Napoli, for what they achieve that wage bill is not bad.

I think Roma and Napoli can say goodbye to top three though. I think this year is the last year before Milan and Merda take the helm again. In fact, if Juventus remains all Italian I don't see how they'll financially compete. They've been able to because they have lucked out on free agents like Pogba and Khedira and they've been winning scudetto and playing CL for years, plus their own stadium. What happens if next year we dethrone them? I think things might get a bit difficult for them moving forward, but no doubt they'll be up there regardless.

Plus, I think Higuain was a bad move, it was a cash drain. A young player like Pogba is an investment, a player like Higuain will be worth 20-30mln in 2-3 years if he keeps his form.
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No Milan players, but we are collectively 4th. What does it mean? We have many shitty players.