2016-2017 season
We do. And Juventus got 8 seats out of 11. And you have got to admit that Bacca at 3.5M is a much better deal than Dzeko at 4.5M. Big Grin
Is that a 8.5 for Alves? No wonder he was willing to come to Serie A lol.
Yea, that is a crazy salary for him. But how? I thought Higuain was the most paid player in Italy. He should be anyway, according to his transfer fee.

Free agents get bigger salaries, but 8.5 is huge...even for one of the best wingbacks in Europe.
It seems that it is a typo, as Alves is on 3.5M.
You must be right, didn't think Juve or any other team would give 8.5 to a 33 year old
After 13 games, thanks to @TheMilanBible

[Image: Cx1HjXGXgAUqHQy.jpg]
Romagnoli has 483 passes and 78 clearances. I think it should be obvious why we lost 2 points to Inter. Merda got lucky. Angry
I'm surprised about Abate's stat.
Well, After Atalanta's draw this afternoon we're just two points behind them. That could easily be the situation after next weekend too. I'm starting to believe in Europe again.
Lol don't forget that we're playing Juve next week. So maybe extend that projection a couple weekends from then
Siamo a posto cosi.