Prediction League 2016-2017
As usual post your predictions in this thread by the deadline which is always the match time and will be shown.

5 points for exact score, 2 point for correct outcome. To try to avoid a run away winner late into the season few match days will count as double, this might help others catch up or may make the run away leader move even farther ahead, even with this risk I am leaning to have double match days. If we decide to have double match days these will be week 30, week 34, week 38

Milan matches will always be double the points, so exact Milan score 10 instead of 5 and correct Milan outcome 4 instead of 2 points.

As last season I am open to giving a prize to the winner (small paypal payment at end of season)
I am hoping that we have at least 10 regular players, I want to say that if we have less than 10 regular players I am not going to offer the prize but this is NOT a final decision, I am just thinking about it and will decide soon.

Post your thoughts or suggestions please and tell me if the change above about doubling some match days is good.

Match day 1 will be posted soon, first reply with any suggestions.

Link to Prediction League 2015-2016
I am expecting a very busy year, but I will try to participate regularly.

A few thoughts:
1. I don't care about the prize, even if I win it (knowing that I won't anyway Icon_lol2).
2. I think Milan match can be doubled every week.

Of course, each round that I have the highest score should definitely be the "double week" too. Grinundwech
This thread has 3,984 views in a few days but 1 reply. Spam 'guests' must be visiting in huge numbers.

Any way I will add the matches today and go with xu's suggestion to double Milan games and also have double days as stated in the opening post. The opening post will be edited to include the Milan matches change.
4k views?? Lol i will play it as usual.

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Week 1 August 21 2016

Milan - Torino 18:00CET
Atalanta - Lazio 20:45CET
Chievo - Inter 20:45CET
Pescara - Napoli 20:45CET
Milan - Torino 2-1
Atalanta - Lazio 1-0
Chievo - Inter 1-2
Pescara - Napoli 1-1
Yea I'm going to play as well. Hoping we get a good midfielder to make these games less of a chore to watch..
Siamo a posto cosi.

Mystik, will you be opening match threads this season?
Milan - Torino 2-0
Atalanta - Lazio 1-1
Chievo - Inter 1-0
Pescara - Napoli 0-3
I will wait for Bentacur to join and make my prediction. Lol