Matchday 4: Sampdoria - Milan (Friday, September 16th - 20:45 CET)
Very little turnaround before our next game - we have a match this Friday against Sampdoria. Is there any particular reason why we're having this game on a Friday or will there always be a Friday game?

I honestly feel like we were a bit unlucky to come out with zero points against Udinese. They weren't very good (nor were we) but I think that perhaps a draw would have been a more fair result. We'll get back some players who were suspended due to red cards so hopefully we can put in a better performance this time and pick up the full 3 points.

News, lineups, etc to follow!
Siamo a posto cosi.
Glad Niang is back for this game, he proves to be crucial upfront though still very inconsistent.
Mystik, thanks for opening this thread. I like our chance with Niang back, but with this weak and seemingly unmotivated side, every game is tricky now. Angry
This is good news, it's good that players don't feel security. However, why was anyone considered "untouchable" in the starting lineup, seeing has everyone has everything to prove. Even a guy like Donnarumma shouldn't feel totally secure, Plizzari is impressing.
More importantly is Montela's reaction after the loss, he should be bold enough to drop players who dont/ cant play to what he wanted. You know who I mean ..
Exactly Dev! Shouldn't this ALWAYS be the case? We don't need 2 defeats to make a speach that only those that deserve to play, will play no matter what your name is. This should be a given from day 1.

Why is Kucka out again? Did he get suspended for 2 games? It was only a second yellow right?

Also, I am not standing up for Abate or defending him, because he was poor last game and the goal was scored by his player (although this happens and he actually was right where he should have been.....just didn't do as good of a job on the intervention on the play).......but IF we are benching Abate for poor play, than how the fuk are we not benching Montolivo for the same. How does this roach survive game after game with what he does...which is actually nothing.
Montella has dressing room politics to worry about. He's not gonna drop Montolivo right away and it's a smart move. We know that Montolivo can start up a rebellion before you can say "fine as we are". Montella will have to tread carefully. But my feeling is that unless Montolivo pulls up his socks, he won't have a starting place for much longer.
nefremo Kucka got given a 2 game ban due to what he said.
Abate may need to start because Antonelli and De Sciglio may both not be ready but starting Montolivo and pretending he needs a chance or whatever other reason shows Montella is same old, same old. As you may know from my recent posts I am convinced (whatever that means Big Grin ) the Milan way is hurting more than helping us now.
Absolutely. We are becoming hostages to our own players, who are not great anyway. I mean, if we had huge names like we did in the past, you gotta be a litle careful because like it or not, huge names have a lot of power and have to be managed a certain way!

But Montolivo? Abate? Man just slap them and pack their bags! What the hell have they done to demand this respect and make coaches be "scared" of them...