Derby della Madonnina, Curva Sud and Nord, this Sunday October 16th
Time to thrash our shitty brother  Inter5ow

That's all  Sagrin
2-0 Inter
Hope a good game to relaunch season.

Kalinic is big doubt, Antonelli may be not fully ready, Conti out of course.
Silva has to play after last game's performance. Something is seriously wrong with Montella if that doesn't happen....regardless of whether Kalinic is available or not.
Probable Xi vs. Inter: G.Donnarumma; Musacchio, Bonucci, Romagnoli; Borini, Kessie, Biglia, Bonaventura, Rodriguez; Suso; André Silva [Sky].
I think Silva has to play period, he needs experience and playing time to grow. Mistakes and some ineffective games is inevitable with him, but he's still our best option hands down. Kalinic is in his prime age, he doesn't have excuses for dismal/average performances yet he's showcased many of those.
Silva must play this game imo, he's in really good form for both club (even if not scoring freely in Serie A) and country.

I want to see progress in attitude and unity. Motivation surely shouldn't be an issue, but it's vital that the team are working together and for each other.

Inter aren't playing great football. They're getting results and have shown a mental strength and resilience they lacked last year, but the quality of their game hasn't been impressive imo.

My biggest worry is actually Montella. I was a little surprised at how badly he got beat by Spalletti last season in the second match vs Roma, I don't want a repeat.
We need to gear up our performance to beat this Inter.
Bonucci & BigL am looking at you.
Silva is a no brainer regardless of Kali's condition.
Wouldnt mind Suso & Bona but we need them to play for the team and play make over their usual going solo thingy.

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What Italian channels show Serie A.Im in Spain and theres about 50 Italian channels in the hotel room.Id prefer to watch in my room rather than try find a bar or restaraunt that will show it
It should be on RAI.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.