BENEVENTO vs MILAN, sunday 3 dec
will we give benevento their 1st point? or will gattuso make a mark here?
Brave sylrus Big Grin

Forza Milan Forza Gattuso
Cannot think of a worse way for Gattuso to start than to give Benevento their first point (or three, imagine Big Grin).

Realistically speaking, very easy first match for Gattuso and a great way to get off to a positive start.
Pressure is more on the new coach as the opponent has not got any points so far.. I wont accept any excuses if we failed to get 3 points from this game.  Sleepy
We will won this easy 2 or 3 -0. Just Montella's absence will push players to do well ,knowing that he's far far away and that he can't damage them anymore.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
i wonder if rino would bring a formation change. i would really like Borini to play in a more advance role. May b play silva and borini as forwards. My favourite player these days.
Gen. Gattuso: The three man defence and four in midfield are locked in, we’ll see about the attack.
Are we taking bets on who's neck gattuso will leave his mark on?
(11-29-2017, 01:13 AM)ACM1899 Wrote: Are we taking bets on who's neck gattuso will leave his mark on?

Bonucci Angel
Formation doesn't matter. The approach will be what matters. Rino can literary put out the same 11 from last game, in the same positions. IF he changes the tactics and makes the team play quicker with the ball with attempts to move the ball through the lines quicker and transition quickly into attack when we win the ball back, he will do much better then what we have already done.

Oh, and yes, there is definitely going to be someone that gets slapped on Sunday. Big Grin My bet is on Montolivo....but if Kalinic misses the same kind of opportunities again as against Torino, then he is definitely getting whipped after the game with a wet belt!!! Big Grin