Summer transfer window 2018
Sampdoria left back Strinic will join Milan on a free transfer in the summer.
I dont know enough about him to comment.Anyone know him ? I mean I know him but not enough.Replacing Antonelli
Antonelli is not Bosman, may be we make 3m profit Grinundwech
Strinic is nothing special, a pretty average fullback if I'm honest. He was at Napoli last season and is doing reasonably well at Sampdoria this year. I agree with the assumption that he'll probably replace Antonelli who will probably want to play elsewhere as he barely features. In that regard, he offers a backup to RR, but don't expect anything special.
I know I've Strinic play. I must have. Problem is, he obviously didn't do anything of note so I can't mention a single one of his qualities. That's bad.  Sagrin BUT, I also don't remember him doing anything stupid and costing his team goals. That's not so bad! Big Grin

Thing is, a seasoned veteran to be a back up for free is not a terrible deal......However I'd have preferred it if we went for Asamoah instead, who is also free and would have created better competition for places.  

It will be interesting to see the departures in the summer. With Strinic in, it looks like Antonelli is as good as gone. Apart from that, probably Gomez will probably leave too. The interesting part will be which one of the new buys will leave. I don't see Musacchio being happy with the current situation so I wouldn't be surprised if he left. The issue will obviously be recouping the money we've spent on some of these players.
Why the fuck are we signing this guy? I hope this is not true. This is a typical Galliani type signing. He has done fuckall for club or country. This is a vangioni, mesbah type signing.
It's a fair signing. means we'll likely lose Antonelli so we'll need a backup. Nothing spectacular but necessary
any more news on Meyer? I hope we get him Smile
(02-06-2018, 06:08 AM)porcho Wrote: any more news on Meyer? I hope we get him Smile suggests we might be after him in the summer

I haven't followed him lately, how's he doing? I heard he's transitioning into a regista role this year and has been surprising people with his performances there?
I saw him the other day against Bremen. Yes, he played as a regista and was very good. We should definitely go for him. For free, it's a no brainer. Might be one of the best free transfers of the summer along with Bernard of Shakhtar.

I mentioned this already, but another thay really caught my eye in that Shalke - Bremen game was Harit.