Empoli vs Milan 27/9
Just incredible how things could actually get worse with each season getting by.
(09-27-2018, 09:46 PM)Acmir Wrote: Empoli's goalkeepeer is the man of this match.

That does not change the fact we were sleeping before the subs came in. We should keep attacking them right after we scored.
"When Costacurta and Maldini won they didn't celebrate much. They were thinking about winning the next game" - Alessandro Nesta
We can't score to save our lives just like last season, but now we can't defend either.
Can't wait for the press conference, what is the excuse this time lol? Just saw the replay of the Romagnoli penalty too. Jesus Christ, did he think he was playing with his kids in the back yard? That has got to be one of the laziest plays i have ever seen in all my years watching soccer.
Useless. Just useless. I give up. This team is finished before it even started. No hope. Just a bunch of less than average players running around like headless chickens.
I just saw the reply. What the fuck was Romagnoli doing? One blunder after another. Amazing. This guy isn't the same since he becomes the captain.
Gattuso out, Conte in
(09-25-2018, 12:31 PM)Karl08 Wrote: I don't know why, but i think most of our goals conceded were because of either 1 player on the frontline doing a mis-pass/ lost in dribble duel, so the enemies can somehow have a very effective counter attacks.

And we're getting pushed hard, couldn't even send the ball forward. It's like accident waiting to happen

The entire game there was casual play put from defence so it was no surprise when it caught up with Romagnoli.

I don't see why Gattuso changed straight at 1-1. If Cutrone is good enough at 1-1 why couldn't he play at the start when it was 0-0. Gattuso is too conservative. We are chasing already.
(09-27-2018, 09:54 PM)Siregar Wrote: That does not change the fact we were sleeping before the subs came in. We should keep attacking them right after we scored.

I agree. We should have destroyed them, instead of giving them the courage. 

This team is completely shit. I have to blame Gattuso. Kessie is useless, and costs Milan game after game, but I don't think he is the main problem. 

This is not good for my health. I am already sick these days. This game makes me want to vomit (and absolutely regret not putting 1-1 down for PL--was seriously thinking that).
Why almost everytime we faced low tier clubs, suddenly their goalkeepers become De Gea?
All shots from suso looked good, but i guess it's not threatening enough like thierry henry curling shot or something