Empoli vs Milan 27/9
Romagnoli was more or less the player of the match for us before that error. It's unofrtunate it happened like that.

We created a ton of chances. At times the finishing wasn't perfect, but at least we made the GK work. In return, he turned into a superman.

Gattuso made a decision at half time.....to solidify in our own half and not risk anything. It's a decision that when it works, nobody reappy complains. You get your 3 points and off you go. When it doesn't work, people call for your head. It's the life of a manager and it's what he signed up for.
Now, to be fair, we didn't risk anything. Empoli created very little and bothered us very little. The goal was created by us.

Ultimately, Gattuso is the leader of this team and the leader has to provide answers. Six points from 5 games is not good enough no matter how you look at it. But again, i'm in the minority here, and I think we are playing decent football. Very little is needed to turn these draws to 3 points, and if these couple of months will be our rough patch of this season, then ok. But we need to start winning soon. Otherwise we risk destroying any confidence we have and at that point Gattuso will have to go. You just hope it won't be too late.